Friday 2 September 2022

A Parent's Guide To Moving To Italy With An Investor Visa

Italy is a dream destination for family immigration as it offers an incredible lifestyle, affordable education, and excellent healthcare facilities. Whether you have a young family or one with seniors, you can enjoy a good life in the country. A hefty investment for obtaining the Italian investor visa is worthwhile if you do not qualify through the other routes. The process is quick and smooth, and you can check the complete guide on before getting started. Although the investment part may sound daunting when moving with a family, it is not as stressful as you imagine. Here is a parent's guide to moving to Italy with an investor visa.

Investment alternatives to fit your budget

When you consider obtaining an investor visa, a massive investment is the first thought that will cross your mind. But things are relatively less overwhelming when Italy is your immigration destination. Although the investor visa is for high-net-worth people, it may just fit your budget, thanks to the multiple investment alternatives. Minimal funding of €250,000 can get you in, so you need not worry about bringing in millions. Explore the investment alternatives, and find the ideal one according to your capacity.

No additional funding for your loved ones

While you may choose a funding option that fits into your wallet, things are stressful when bringing your kids and spouse along. After all, additional investment sounds too big. But you need not stress about the money because no additional funding is required for your loved ones. All you need to do is prove your capacity to support them with your income so that they are not a burden. You can do it with income statements instead of hefty funding for a separate process.

Benefits of residence for your clan

Another good thing for parents aspiring for family immigration with the Italian investor visa is that your kids and spouse get a residence permit along with you. It means they get all the benefits of residence, from quality education on a budget to affordable healthcare. They can also travel to EU countries without any visa hassles, just like any other Italian resident. Together, your clan can start a new life in the country and get the best of everything it has to offer

A ticket to citizenship for your family

The Italian investor visa is a ticket to citizenship by naturalization, as you qualify for it after staying in the country for a decade and retaining the initial investment throughout the period. The best part is that your loved ones also become eligible for one of the best passports. Moreover, Italian citizenship is a legacy for a lifetime because it is automatically passed on to the next generations. You can establish your roots in the country for good and bequeath the rewards to your kin.

As a parent looking to move to Italy with your family, you may have qualms about the investment part of the Italian investor visa. But knowing these facts makes the move a breeze. You can go the extra mile by collaborating with an expert

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