Saturday 10 September 2022

Eatable Gourmet Popcorn Review

Sitting down to watch a movie makes you think of one thing and one thing only, popcorn! Popcorn brings such a satisfying crunch and flavour to the whole occasion and you can literally sit there and eat an entire bag without stopping. 

Popcorn should be invited to more events and social interactions like family brunch, drinks on the credenza, appies and gift exchanges, and holiday meals. Thanks to Eatable Inc. alcohol infused popcorn now has a touch of sophistication that can crash any party and takeover any Charcuterie board ever made. 

With flavours like Poppy Caesar, Pop The Salt & Tequila, Pop The Champagne, Pop Goes Sangria, Poppin Rose All Day, and Whisky On The Pops there is a flavour for every individual.

Poppy Caesar tastes just like the famous cocktail with its hints of spice and tasty tomato coating! Each bag has its own pairing ideas on the back but I loved snacking on it while drinking a Caesar! 

Pop The Salt & Tequila is a boozy caramel popcorn with a salty, citrus twist. 

Pop The Champagne is a sweet treat with white chocolate and pops in your mouth with little popping candies.

Pop Goes Sangria is a Merlot wine candied popcorn with hints of fruit and spices. 

Poppin Rosé All Day is a simple rosé candied popcorn that is sweet and crunchy. 

Whisky On The Pops is a caramel corn infused with a hint of Whiskey. 

Eatable offers so many amazing gift ideas, custom boxes, mystery boxing and new products coming out on a regular basis to surprise your taste buds and wow your senses. Take snacking to a whole new level with alcohol infused popcorn that everyone can enjoy. 

Check out their website and follow their social accounts for amazing content and giveaways that could score you some serious snacking options. 

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