Friday 16 September 2022

How to Budget for Your First Kid's Wedding

It's important to make the most memories that you can make together as a family, and weddings are one occasion on which you can do this. As your first child prepares to have a wedding, you have a major role to play as far as the planning and budgeting go. Read on below to see some tips that could help you come up with a workable budget for your kid's wedding and help them have an event that they'll remember for a long time to come.

Set Clear Expectations

You and your child both know that you want them to have nothing but the absolute best. That said, you should avoid biting off more than you can chew and make plans that are within reason. Listen to what your child wants and find out if it can be covered. If not, explain to them that they may need to revise their expectations. This is true for their preferred venue, attire, and even the rings that they choose. If you can't fork out the money for a diamond ring, let them know this and you may be in the clear from the start. Diamonds are expensive, and for good reason. For one, they rank an amazing 10 on the Mohs scale. They're also the strongest mineral in the world on top of being the earth's most concentrated form of pure carbon.

Steer Clear of Comparisons

A second helpful tip that you should keep in mind is that there's no need to make comparisons between your child's wedding and someone else's. This is bound to give rise to issues and dissatisfaction, taking away from what should be a special event for your family. Sit together and make plans that fit your budget and that can be supported successfully to the end. This will make it easier for you to set a reasonable budget and have a day to remember. Set your own standards and you won't be bound by imaginary regulations that you feel society expects you to meet.

Talk About the Wedding List Early on

The number of wedding guests that you invite will have a role in the budget that you have to set. This is also true for how far the guests will have to travel for the wedding and whether you will foot their traveling expenses. You may have a majority of people from around, given the fact that 78% or over three out of four churchgoers say that they've developed significant relationships with people who attend their church. This includes 43% who strongly agree, as found by Lifeway Research. If you find that your guest list is causing trouble with the budget, try and shrink it within reason so that you don't end up spreading yourself too thin. It's important to be sure that you can comfortably cater to all your guests equally since you're the one who invited them after all.

Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner

Finally, while this may sound counterintuitive, you should think of hiring a wedding planner. They can make the job a lot easier for you and even help you improve your budget. This is because they're likely experienced in different wedding processes that work. They also have a list of vendors from whom you can choose if you want to get the very best prices and services. This way, you can better focus on other important issues, such as finding out if your child has an estate plan. If they do, remember that it's recommended to update it once every five years, apart from in case of major life events such as moving states or marriage.

With these tips, you can successfully come up with a workable budget for your first child's wedding. They will be happy that you helped them with this important life event, improving their bond as a family for sure!

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