Monday 10 October 2022

5 Tips On How To Keep Your Car Clean On A Road Trip

Road trips can make a for a lot of car mess – here are some tips to stay organized and on top of things

- Stay Organized When You Pack And Unload

In some cases, your car is messier than it is actually dirty. Especially when you are on a road trip, it is very easy for your car to become cluttered. With limited space and spending many hours on the road, keeping organized should be your first rule for a road trip. 

When planning your trip, make sure you include trunk organizers and containers that will make things much easier when you are on the road. Whether this includes boxes or compartments for snacks, an organizer for receipts, or a jar to store loose change, these containers can become real game-changers on a road trip. Here are a few items to include:

- Maintain Your Trash

Trash is inevitable when you spend many hours in your car. But there are a few ways to keep everything under control. To stop your trash from building up, dump it whenever you can. Restaurants, gas stations, and rest areas are the perfect spots to throw away your trash and take a break from driving. 

One of the easiest ways to keep your trash under control is to take trash bags with you before you leave home. Whether this includes recycling bags or trash bags made for cars, make sure they are easy to access once you are on the road. Store them in your glove compartment so that you can easily access a new one as soon as one is full. 

Extra Tip: An empty tissue box is also a great container to store used tissues. Once your first box has run out you will have a container to store any used tissues. This will stop the floor area of your car from becoming cluttered with dirty and old tissues. 

- Keep the Floor Mats In Your Car Clean

The floor mats in your car will likely get dirty along your road trip, but you should be mindful about not bringing sand or dust into the car after each stop. Make sure you wipe or stomp your feet each time before getting back into your car so that the mats stay clean for as long as possible. 

When necessary take the mats out and shake off all the dust and debris. While this is not equivalent to a good vacuum it will make it easier to keep your car clean for as long as possible. It will also lower how much dust you are breathing in while you are driving. Find the best car mats for your car at


- Help Your Children To Pick Up After Themselves

A road trip with your kids can be a very fun experience and also a way to bring a family together. But most parents are well aware that cleaning car seats after a long adventure can be a very frustrating task. From toys to cereal, you will be amazed at what you may find in those crannies and nooks. 

But there are ways to keep your children entertained and make your trip a happier one for your entire family. An organizer for the backseat is essential for parents traveling with young children. It provides a great space to store their snacks, books, toys, and more. It also provides a kiddy-friendly area that your children will appreciate. 

On long trips, your kids will get thirsty and hungry. To prevent spills and messes, make sure every container has a lid. You will be pleasantly surprised when you look back and there are no messy snacks or drinks that you will need to wipe up or clean.  

- Do Not Clutter Your Boot

It is very easy to make the mistake of stashing everything in the boot and then forgetting about it. But at some stage of the trip, you will be forced into dealing with this clutter. 

Avoid the frustrations of a cluttered boot by finding a space for any miscellaneous items. A caddy is a useful item for important items such as motor oil or brake fluid so that it doesn't roll around or spill around each sharp turn. This is where a boot liner and caddies come in. Caddies are simple storage solutions for an effective car-cleaning kit. From a handheld vacuum to wipes, these are handy bins that may even give you the motivation that you need to conduct frequent clean-ups.

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