Monday 31 October 2022

How to Successfully (and easily) Redecorate Your Home

You love spending time at home with your family and with your kids. However, when you spend so much time in one place, you can get fed up with looking at the same items over and over again. Changing your room layouts and even introducing new pieces can help you freshen up any space. To successfully and easily redecorate your home, here are some free tips to follow:

Give Every Room or Area a Theme

When tackling rooms, it is important to try and focus on one central theme if you are able to. A theme will then give you a base on which you can work (and build). For example, in your master suite, you could look at introducing a nautical theme to the bedroom. Or, in the living room, you could look at introducing an earthly theme. When you have the beginnings of a theme, you can then start looking at color schemes. If there is not one uniform theme you like, then take elements of what you do like, and create your style. You will find redecoration easy if you have something to work with.

Mix Old and New Pieces of Furniture

You may be ready for new furniture or want to mix and match it with what you already have. When changing furniture or adding new pieces, there are tips to mix modern and antique furniture which you should follow. Getting the balance just right and achieving the right look is essential. When you are mixing new and old furniture, it can be hard deciding what you want to use and what you want to keep. Looking at furniture through different eyes can give you the inspiration and direction you need.

Be Brave and Bold With Colors

When you are redecorating, you are going to want to repaint walls. A new fresh coat of paint can add texture and depth to any space. When you are looking at redecorating, it is important to be brave and bold with the colors that you use. You will notice a difference even if you only use statement colors for a feature wall or surround. Sticking to neutral palettes and colors can be OK for some rooms. However, when you can inject some color, you can show off your personality and your individuality.

Add Layers and New Soft Furnishings

Redecorating your home doesn’t always have to be about making big changes. You can do lots of things (and introduce) that will make any room feel new and fresh. For instance, you start by layering the throws, cushions, and rugs that you have in your rooms. Layering adds depth and warmth to any space. Once you have finished with layering, you can then look at adding new soft furnishings. New items such as pillows can brighten up an old and previously unloved couch. When you work with layers and soft furnishings, it is important to be confident in your choices, but these are things that can always be changed if you change your mind.

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