Thursday 20 October 2022

Super Easy Fall Crafts For Toddlers

Finding a way to keep toddlers busy is like trying to brush your teeth and eat Oreos at the same time. They are easily distracted and get bored with an activity super fast. As a daycare owner I need to try to find balance in quick but fun ways to keep the kids busy, learning, and entertained all at the same time. 

The best way to prep for craft time with toddlers, even just one toddler is to get everything ready ahead of time. They do not want to sit there and watch you prepare the craft supplies, cut out shapes or organize the activity. Prepare while they are playing or even sleeping and you will be all set and ready to go. 

Here are some super easy toddler crafts for fall that you can tweet to turn into any season with a few simple changes.

Leaf Silhouettes

Start by letting the little ones paint their favourite colours onto a blank sheet of paper. 

Once they have it nicely coloured let it dry while they help you pick out their favourite leaves from outside. 

Hold the leaf in place for the child to paint a black silhouette around the outside. 

And that’s how you create colourful leaf paintings with watercolours!

Trick or Treat Feet

This one is so simple I didn’t need to do a step by step. Simply print the child’s toes in white paint onto black paper and turn them into little ghosts or monsters. Place the footprints on a background paper with “Trick or treat smell my feet” written somewhere and you have an adorable keepsake!

Blackout Bats

I love this one and you can use any colour and shape to suit any holiday! 

Cutout a bat shape using card stock or cardboard and tape it to a piece of black paper. 

Give the kids some fall colours and a cotton swab and let them start creating dots all around the bat area. 

This one can keep older kids busy for a while any child under 2 years old gets bored quickly or find it harder to grasp so you might want to let them use their fingers instead. 

Bat Wreath

Also try making this adorable bat wreath while your at it. 

Try this adorable pumpkin necklace craft as well! 

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