Thursday 13 October 2022

The Best Home Renovations For Fall

Everyone wants to fix up their living space or make changes once in a while and sometimes we can only do so much in certain seasons depending on where you live and what prices are like for materials. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to start renovating your yard or patio in the dead of winter as the snow starts to fall because it is simply too cold and ugly outdoors to get the job done. Just like replacing your heaters and furnace wouldn’t be a great idea when it is cold out because you need the heat to stay warm. The best home renovations need to be carefully thought out to make sense and ensure you aren’t suffering the elements because you took your central air conditioning out during the heat wave or replaced your roof right in storm season. 

The best home renovations to start in the fall are pretty wide open as fall is still warm enough to live without heat, you can survive without air conditioning and any other work that gets done won’t be a challenge due to crazy freezing cold temperatures or a wild heat wave. So what should you do to prepare for winter?

Prepare for the cold.

Time to get a new furnace? Now is the time to get it all done. Insulate the walls, attic and basement to ensure you have a warm home all winter long. Seal up any cracks or leaks in the windows and walls to keep the cool air where it belongs. Preparing for winter is something many people forget about when doing home renovations until they get really cold and realize they could have done something about it. 

Get the big stuff done. 

Need new flooring? All new countertops and appliances? Now is the time to start demolition and replacement while there is a nice cool breeze and items can be placed outside without chance of destruction. 

Create a plan for spring.

Think about what you will need done in the spring time to prepare for summer, make a list of which tasks can get done during each season and that will help you make a plan of attack for your home renovation projects. 

Shop out of season. 

While you’re  in and out of the hardware store shop for out of season sales. Plenty of items will be on clearance for summertime as well as trend changes, many people follow what’s hot and stop buying certain products, patterns or colours to stay on trend with the rest of the world. Save as much as you can by following your own path. 

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