Monday 24 October 2022

Things to Look for in a Prospective Care Home

Together with the rest of your family and your friends, you have come to the sensible decision that you would be much happier and much more able to function to your best abilities in a care home rather than in your own home. Then it is time to start looking for the best one for you.

So, in an attempt to help you whittle down your long list of locations, here are the top five things to look for in a prospective care home. 


1. Your First Impressions 


Hopefully, you already know that you must visit any prospective care home, nursing home, or assisted living facility at least a couple of times before you decide conclusively that you would like to move there.

Upon your first visit, try your best to tour as many different areas within the home as possible and, even more importantly, talk to the staff. See how you feel and what you think when the staff answers your questions, and moreover, use your instincts to judge if they appear friendly, upfront, and empathic. 


2. Grounds & Garden


Fresh air and natural surroundings should not be considered an extra advantage but a mandatory requirement for movingto a care home, so ensure that the grounds include extensive outdoor space. 

Additionally, take in the views from the garden and outdoor areas and, like the prominent care home in Sidmouth, look for well-tended and attractive flowers, plants, and lawns.


3. Activities & Social Life


One of the biggest advantages of moving to assisted living facilities or a care home is that, while day-to-day household chores will be taken care of to the level you desire, you will have more time to enjoy hobbies and activities that you love. 

When speaking to the staff members and walking around the buildings, look for social areas and lounges that seem to be geared towards group activities and socializing and entertainment facilities such as televisions, radios, a mobile library, and shared computers. Ask for a copy of that week’s timetable to look for shared and social arrangements such as music classes, animal therapy classes, singing groups, and guest speakers and performers.

Also, if you have a dog, cat, or budgie you are bringing with you into this next phase of your life, check that that particular care home caters for and allows pets. 


4. Their Medical Connections


Another huge contributing factor in a care home that suits your needs and wants is that they have clear and continuous links between themselves and various medical institutions. Often most care homes will have at least one registered nurse on site, or at least a community nurse who visits regularly.

Crucially, there should be regular attendance by medical professionals such as state-registered nurses and doctors on a routine basis and not simply when there is a specific problem or issue with one of the residents. Moreover, ensure that the location of the care home has quick and direct transport links to medical facilities and hospitals. 


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