Tuesday 15 November 2022

Top Tips For Landing A Remote Job

1. Redo Your Resume

You will find that employers looking to fill remote vacancies aren't always looking for the same criteria as employers looking to fill in-office vacancies for jobs in healthcare. Because of this, you need to do some resume tweaks. More specifically, you'll want to highlight all of the remote work experience you have. This is a good thing that employers look for when seeking a remote candidate. After all, they want to know that it's not new to you and that you can get your work done remotely without being micromanaged. Try to incorporate all of the requisite information you need including the individual jobs you've held and add that you have remote work experience in your executive summary or cover letter. You also want to ensure that you include all of the achievements and successes you've had while you are working remotely. Try to incorporate stats and figures that showcase your ability to perform at a high level while doing remote work. All of these things will ensure the prospective employer that you are a good remote work hire.

2. Highlight All Of Your Key Skills

When you are redesigning your resume, you want to ensure that you are highlighting all of your relevant key skills and experience. You want to go into specifics on the remote work skills that you have. For instance, if you have certain technical or soft skills that can help you succeed in doing remote work, you'll want to highlight them. This can include your ability to handle virtual presentations, your knowledge of using remote work software, and even your ability to work independently. Because remote work will require you to have more communication and technical skills, you want to present that you have them to a prospective employer. This can be a very effective way to showcase that you not only meet essential qualifications but that you exceed them. This can make a major difference when it comes to getting considered for the position. 

3. List Your Education and Training

You want to ensure that you are listing all of the education you have. A lot of employers will want to seek workers that invest in their education. This is not only going to help you showcase what you can do, but it also demonstrates to an employer that you aren't complacent and that you are always trying to improve. This is essential for a remote hire because you will be using virtual and online tools. If you've done anything online as far as your education is concerned, you are likely well-equipped to handle all of the intricacies of remote working. This highlights your ability to engage in remote platforms and perform optimally with them. This is an easy tip that often goes overlooked when it comes to tailoring your resume to get hired for a remote position. 

4. Promote Creative Endeavors

When you are looking to get hired for an at-home job, you'll want to showcase that you are not only innovative but that you are creative too. A lot of employers that are hiring for remote work will want to ensure they find someone that is not only passionate about their job but that they love the role they are getting hired for. After all, these workers are typically going to give their best effort and they are going to do things that go above and beyond their job description. Showcase any creative endeavors you've participated in. It could be something as simple as maintaining a blog or hosting a podcast. These things can showcase your passion for the industry and they can even showcase your creativity. It also helps by showing how knowledgeable you are about using online tools.

5. Prep For Your Virtual Interview

If you are going to be seeking remote jobs, you will likely be conducting your interview online. Because of this, you need to prep for these interviews as well as possible. Not only is a virtual interview convenient for the interviewer, but it's also going to test your social and technical skills. You need to prep for your interview as well as possible. Ensure that you get all of the technical stuff sorted out beforehand. Make your driver updates and do everything you need to do to have a flawless virtual interview before the day comes. You can easily do this by conducting a test interview with a friend or family member to ensure that your microphone and that camera are working. It's best to avoid doing the same things in a virtual interview as in an in-person interview. For instance, hand gestures are something you may lean on in an in-person interview, but they should be limited during a virtual one. You can also add more pauses in your speaking sessions to accommodate the potential for delays. Use these tips and tricks when prepping for your interview so you have the interview go off without a hitch.

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