Thursday 1 December 2022

4 Perfect Christmas Gifts to Buy Your Teenage Son

Being a single dad of a teenage boy can present several obstacles and challenges requiring you to think on your feet and come up with solutions. With Christmas right around the corner, one of those challenges may be occurring now and that is the question of what to buy them for Christmas. Teenage boys can be notoriously difficult to buy for and if you don’t have a lot of extra time to browse and shop, then it can seem like a very stressful task. However, we’ve got four perfect Christmas gift ideas that will put a smile on your teenage son’s face.

Give Him a Mini Fridge for His Room

If your teenage son is like many other teenagers then he probably spends a fair amount of time hanging out in his room. If this is the case, why not make it a cool space with a mini fridge? He can keep a variety of beverages and even some snacks in there. You can find basic colours such as white, black or stainless steel or choose something retro like a bright red. Just be sure it’s compact enough to fit in his room.

Give Him a Place to Charge All His Devices

Another great idea is a wireless charging station that can easily handle all his devices. Things like his smartphone, smartwatch, wireless earbuds and so forth can all be charged in one spot and at the same time. It means he doesn't have to deal with charging cords and needing multiple electrical outlets to accommodate so many devices.

A Personalised Razor Gift Set Is a No-Brainer

If your son has recently asked you “what age should I start shaving?”, or they’ve been showing an interest in your razor or razor set, this can act as the perfect gift idea. It signals you recognise they are growing and maturing, and you’re there to help with the transition. 

When looking for the best razor for a teenage boy it’s wise to look for one that is meant as a first shaving kit for a teenager. A kit means it will come with all the essential pieces, and because it’s more of a starter kit, you also know it will be easy to use. You can even find kits that come with a moisturiser, a shaving gel, a step-by-step guide and a carrying case. 

The razor itself should be easy to hold and handle, preferably with a soft rubber grip. The blades should be high quality and simple to swap out, and a flexible head helps prevent nicks and cuts.

The Bluetooth Beanie Is Perfect for Winter

Now that the temperatures are dipping, your teenager is probably bundling up and adding a hat when he heads outdoors. So, here's a way to gift him with a multi-functional item. The Bluetooth Beanie looks just like a regular beanie hat but it has built-in headphones that use Bluetooth. 

With these gift ideas, you’ll be able to take all the stress out of Christmas shopping for your teenage son.

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