Friday 27 January 2023

How Can You Save More Money On Your Utility Expenses?

We are all looking for ways to save money right now. Life has gotten very expensive and it seems like it’s just getting worse each day. The best way to combat this is to try and save our hard earned money in places we can control. 

To start saving more and have a more comfortable budget it takes some minor adjustments to your behaviour. Begin by taking a look around your home and see if there is money being wasted. A great way to save right away is to take a look at all your appliances and ensure each one is running right. If they aren’t running right they can be draining energy and costing you money. If you notice your fridge and freezer haven’t been keeping things cool, runs loud, is leaking, or otherwise creating issues you may want find a certified technician can fix your fridge quickly.

Another great trick to save on energy is to unplug any appliances your not using. Even if it’s not running an appliance can be draining power from your home costing you money for something your not even using. Take a look at this great piece on clever ways to reduce energy expenses this winter!

Ensure everyone turns off lights and televisions when they leave rooms. We decided to install power bars with a convenient switch so everyday when the kids go to school they can just flip the switch to turn off their tv, gaming consoles, lava lamps and other gadgets. Look into installing LED lights in your home as well as they take less power to run. 

Give your utility companies a call and see if there are any rebates or deals available to you. If you are already in the market for something new it might be worth it to buy a certain brand or style to get money back. 

Another great trick is to keep your fridge and freezer full even if it’s not filled with food. You can fill it with ice cubes,  water bottles, or anything really to create a fuller effect and it will make your fridge think it’s full and cost less energy to run. 

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