Monday 30 January 2023

How to Make Storage Space in Your Small Home


Are you feeling the squeeze of limited storage in your small home? Do closets and cupboards seem full, yet nothing seems to fit and have a place? Does it feel like clutter is taking over every nook and cranny and growing more out of control by the day?

Take a deep breath! Storage space can be one of the trickiest issues with small homes, but luckily, help is here. This post will show you the best tips for hacking away at that ever-growing pile while creating an efficient storage system that fits into your lifestyle.

1)      Store and Conceal:

Not everything is for display. Think of that pile of cords, books, and gadgets that seem to accumulate in a corner. If you're in a pinch for storage space, store these items in baskets, then hide them on wall shelves or under furniture. It can help to declutter your home while also helping you find things quickly when needed.

You can also invest in furniture with multiple functions. Ottomans and benches with built-in storage are a good choice. You can maintain the cozy vibe of your living room while giving a home to all the extra stuff you don't want to display.

2)      Declutter Regularly:

There's a reason why Marie Kondo's mantra of tidying up has become so popular; it works. Spending just 15 minutes a day decluttering can help you get rid of unnecessary items and make more room for the things you want to keep. It can also help prevent clutter from accumulating in the future.

Once you've sorted the items, donate the ones you no longer need. If there are some valuables that are hard to part with, consider renting a self storage unit in your area. These facilities have stringent security protocols and are mostly climate-controlled. So, no theft, no damages!

3)      Vertical Storage:

You might have limited square footage on the floor, but the wall space? There's plenty of that. So, utilize empty walls and build vertical storage, such as hanging wall racks for books or peg boards for tools.

In the kitchen, you can hang up pots, pans, and utensils to reduce the need for extra cabinets. You can also add wall-mounted shelves or racks for items like spices, oils, and cereals.

For bedrooms, add floating shelves for added storage. It can help to keep books, toys, and knick-knacks organized while creating a homey space. You can even get murphy beds with built-in side cabinets.

4)      Add More Furniture:

If done right, adding more furniture is a great way to organize storage in a small home. For example, try a console table with drawers that are both functional and stylish. Similarly, swap your regular bed frame in the bedrooms for a storage bed to make room for winter clothes and blankets. Storage beds are easy-to-use, so don't worry about lifting heavy mattresses.

You can also try nesting tables in the living room, which are both space-efficient and stylish. You can use stacking shelves in the bathroom to maximize the space and add extra storage for towels, toiletries, and other items. However, remember to measure the room to get the perfect fit when picking the furniture.

5)      Utilize the Nooks:

There's at least one corner in your small home that is crying out for attention. Make the most of it by adding storage furniture and even wall racks. For example, in the kitchen, you can use the corner to put in a lazy Susan or an end table with drawers. Similarly, you can place a tall bookcase or wall shelves in the living room for books and decorative items. Triangular corner shelves are also an excellent choice.

Don't leave the under-the-stairs area unused. You can build a custom wine rack or configure a pet bed for your furry friend there!

6)      Optimize the Extra Space:

Attics and basements are often neglected and overlooked, but they have so much potential. With some creativity and elbow grease, you can turn that dusty old attic or damp basement into a storage powerhouse.

Get rid of the old holiday decorations you never use and install some modular shelving. Utilize hanging organizers for seasonal clothes and clear plastic bins for off-season items. Remember to measure your space before buying any storage solutions. You want to avoid ending up with a giant shelf that doesn't fit. And voila, you've just maximized your storage without breaking the bank or sacrificing square footage.

7)      Consider a Kitchen Island:

Is your kitchen always messy and crammed with pots with no place to call home? Do you struggle while hosting dinners because there's barely prep space left on the congested kitchen counter? It's time to add a kitchen island!

Adding a kitchen island is like hitting the storage jackpot in a small home. It's like finding a hidden compartment in a piece of furniture, except it's right there in plain sight. Not only does it give you extra counter space, but it also often comes with additional cabinets and drawers. Plus, it can also serve as a breakfast bar or a spot for casual dining. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Consider your kitchen's floor plan and available ground space before investing. You want to maintain the room for movement.

8)      Mount Your TV:

We all love beautiful entertainment consoles. From classic solid wood to modern acrylic ones, there are many options available. But TV consoles can take up space. So, do you skip the TV in the living room? Absolutely not. You mount it.

Mounting a TV on the wall frees up valuable floor space. It also adds a sleek look to any room. Most importantly, you won't have to worry about your TV getting knocked over by curious pets or clumsy guests. But that's not all. Mounting a TV also allows you to tuck away all the unsightly cords and wires, giving your space a clean and clutter-free look.


Final Thoughts:

Making storage space in a small home can be challenging but not impossible. Using the tips and tricks discussed in this blog, you can efficiently declutter and organize your space to maximize storage and minimize clutter. From vertical space to multi-purpose furniture, there are plenty of ways to get creative and make the most of your space. Remember, it's all about being strategic and making intelligent choices. 

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