Wednesday 4 January 2023

Tips for buying an engagement ring on a budget

Choosing your engagement ring for your soon-to-be fiancĂ©e is an exciting time! But it can also be daunting if you’re unsure where to start your research and whether you can afford to spend thousands. 


Don’t worry; you don’t have to get into debt to find a beautiful ring. There are several ways you can budget, save money and use hacks to find the ring of your (and your partner’s) dreams. Follow these top tips for buying a gorgeous engagement ring on a budget. 


Think about your partner 


Your partner might have already told you what sort of ring they want, which will make this process easier for you. If they want a simple, minimal-looking ring, it will be difficult to spend thousands. However, some women like to go big and dream of a big, eye-catching stone. If that’s the case, it is doable on a budget. 


Have a think about the following so that when you talk to professionals, they will be able to offer advice and suggestions to suit your needs and your budget: 


1. The size of the stone 

2. The style of the ring 

3. The type of stone, such as diamond, sapphire, and so on

4. The band material 

5. Your total budget 

6. Their ring size 



Myth busting 


The general saying is that you should spend three months' worth of your salary when buying an engagement ring. But this is actually a very outdated concept, and with so many options available today, not necessary! You could easily find a ring with just one month’s salary, so spend some time in jewelry shops to see what is currently on offer. 


Go into the stores 


You are not recommended to buy diamonds online, as they’re often very low quality, although not always obvious to an untrained mind. To be safe and get the best for your money, consult with professionals like They can also help you work out what sort of carat, cut, color, and clarity you want for your diamond, all within your budget. 


Don’t go for the diamond 


On the other hand, if you want to save some money, you could choose a different stone, such as white sapphire. These are still very durable and look really similar to diamonds. This is a good idea if you want a high-quality stone but don’t have the budget for a diamond because diamonds are the most expensive part of the engagement ring. If you want something really unique, you could choose a blue sapphire, emerald, or even a ruby. However, if the stone is rare and high-quality, it can still end up being costly. 


Look in antique stores


Antique stores can be magical places, with some genuinely incredible jewelry for sale. There’s something romantic about the history that comes with antique diamonds too, so if you do come across something, you will have a great story behind the ring. If needed, you can get the ring professionally cleaned so it looks like it is brand new. 

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