Friday 27 January 2023

Why You Should Encourage Trade School For Your Children

There has been a shift in the way people look at careers nowadays. With all the technology around most kids want to become influencers or YouTube sensations. Thanks to all the social media platforms they all think this is a viable option for the future.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but kids these days are not going to get rich making videos. There may be the odd one to make it but it is not an in demand type of career and it is now so swamped with “stars” it’s hard for anyone to make it through the clutter. It’s time kids took a look at what career is needed and how they can make a decision that will ensure their future is bright! There is a huge need for reliable repair technicians in London, Ontario, plumbers, electricians, and mechanics and other trades everywhere else in the world! 

It’s time to educate kids that we need to make a living wage, pay our bills, and save for retirement with a career that is going to get you there and keep you there. Once you get trained in these fields you have a 9-5 for life. Not only will you get a paycheck you can live off of but many of these companies looking for tradespeople come with benefits and retirement plans

Creating the future isn’t solely about the decisions our kids make in their own but how we can encourage them to make better decisions! Try to encourage a positive light on trades school especially if your child struggles academically. Trades school is usually easier to get into then traditional college making it a better option if your child isn’t book smart. 

Take a look at what grants and funding are available for those seeking trades in your area, they may be able to get some help in that direction. 

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