How to Create the Right Impression with Visiting Clients

While a lot of business is conducted online these days, there are still occasions when a client might need to visit your place of work. This could be for a sales presentation or to discuss issues that need an in-person meeting. Whatever the reason, it is important to create the right impression. If clients visit and are deeply unimpressed, it casts your business in a negative light and could impact your brand in a bad way.

Here's how to ensure clients don’t leave with a bad taste in their mouths. 

Friendly Reception Staff

Your reception people are the first employees a client will likely meet. It’s crucial to have the right people meeting and greeting clients. If they are met with a sullen, unhelpful receptionist, it’s likely to cast your business in a poor light. 

Try to hire a receptionist who is open, friendly, professional, and competent at their job. If your business isn’t large enough to need a full-time receptionist, make sure any staff tasked with meeting and greeting visitors are friendly and outgoing. 

Make Visitors Feel Comfortable

Whether you have a receptionist or not, check that visitors are made to feel comfortable when they arrive. Have a pleasant seating area, with some light reading available. Offer refreshments, such as tea, coffee, and water. Placing some biscuits on a plate is a nice touch if your visitors request tea or coffee or have a short wait.

Other staff in general areas must also be pleasant and mindful that clients are in the building. The last thing any client wants to hear is an employee ranting on a phone call or making inappropriate comments. If you have clients visiting the site, give everyone a heads-up so they can monitor their behaviour. 

A Clean and Tidy Workplace

The workplace isn’t a showroom, but it does need to show your business in a good light. If clients are greeted with dirty floors, overflowing bins, and clutter everywhere, it looks sloppy. Since it is unreasonable to expect your staff to clean as well as do their job, hire professional office cleaning services in Southampton to keep public areas, bathrooms, and offices clean and tidy. 

Bright and Welcoming Décor

Many offices are decorated in neutral colours, often with white walls and generic office furniture. If your business is in a space where it’s important to look forward-thinking, edgy, or similar, make sure your décor reflects this. 

Hang some interesting artwork or business branding graphics. Install a flat-screen TV in the reception area, playing news channels running on mute with subtitles or promotional videos. Anything that stops your business from looking tired and boring is a good thing. 

A Door-to-Door Service

Plenty of clients will elect to drive to a meeting, but some might prefer to use public transport. Always verify how a client plans to travel to your place of business, and if they are catching a train or flying in, offer to send a car to pick them up. Small details like this make a big impression. 

Look after your clients now and you can look forward to working with them in the long term. 

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