Monday 27 February 2023

Ways to Prevent Interrupted Sleep

Interrupted sleep can be incredibly damaging to a person's health if left untreated for too long. Humans need between seven and nine hours of quality rest every twenty-four hours; otherwise, bodily and mental functions begin to break down. There are many factors that could contribute to sleep issues, whether environmental, health-related, or psychological. If you are experiencing the effects of interrupted sleep, here are a few ways to fix your sleeping habits and feel more energized.

Plan Your Food and Drink Carefully

Needing to wake up and use the bathroom more than once a night can make it difficult for your body to fully unwind and sink into deep sleep. Digestion during sleep can also keep you from achieving every stage of sleep, which then leaves you feeling tired once you wake up the next day. Try to avoid eating at least two to three hours before you plan to go to bed. If you want to drink, keep away from caffeine and sugar, as these are stimulants that will prevent restfulness. When you are more mindful about when you eat and drink, you can take back some control over your sleep too.

Set a Sleep Routine with Your Family

If you are raising a young family, sleep can be interrupted when children come to you with a problem, such as a nightmare or an unwillingness to go to bed. There are plenty of ways that kids can make sleeping much more difficult for their parents and unfortunately, there is no solution that works for everyone. However, developing a regular bedtime routine that helps everyone to slow down at the end of the day will set the right mood and reduce the chances of interruptions at night.

Examine Your Health

Your personal health may be to blame for a poor night's sleep. Many illnesses and conditions can cause a person to wake up in the night, getting in the way of a proper rest. There are methods that healthcare professionals have developed to address some of these issues. The ResMed AirMini can help if you have sleep apnea, for example. If your breathing is obstructed in the night, this can make it hard for your body to achieve proper sleep. Plenty of people make use of sleep apnea equipment and find that it improves their overall wellbeing by giving them a better chance to rest.

Change Your Sleep Environment

If you are sensitive to the light levels in your bedroom, this could be negatively impacting your sleep. In some homes, the sunlight is too bright when it comes in the windows and can disturb those sleeping inside. Invest in blinds that are designed to prevent light coming in so that you have control over when you wake up. Make sure your bedroom is quiet and peaceful so that you can relax without worrying about interruption. In many cases, it is the thought of potentially being woken unexpectedly that causes someone to experience interrupted sleep. By creating a space where this isn't likely, you can enjoy better, healthier rest.

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