Friday 17 March 2023

7 Tips to Teach Your Kids to Be More Independent

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Every parent's dream is for their children to have a family and be independent. To get there, parents are the ones who need to teach them. It can be hard, so it's okay to ask for advice. Hopefully, these seven tips to teach your kids to be independent will help you. Try asking other parents about their experiences. But, to start, keep reading and find out about some tips that could be useful.

Let your children do simple chores

Many studies have shown that letting your kids do simple chores can make them more responsible and self-competent. Teaching the kids to do them will implant a habit of helping and having obligations, which can help them later in life. You can start with small things like cleaning the table after eating, tidying up their toys after playing, or putting their dirty clothes in a laundry bin. It's all right if they resist doing it at first or aren't thrilled about it. You have to be patient and teach them the right way; so they get eager about doing the chores. It's a good idea to teach them to enjoy their obligations, and you can do them together. Just like you do other activities with them, you can also do the chores at the beginning; until they become more independent and can do them without help. 

Let them solve problems

It will teach them accountability

Solving problems on their own can remind them of doing homework. Most of them don't like doing homework and think that school and homework are their only obligations. Kids tend to ask a lot of questions. Parents' job is to try to let them get to the answer themself. That doesn't imply all the questions, only something not that important. Avoid jumping to conclusions and telling them, and try to navigate them to the answer and hinting them. Solving some problems will make them more creative and resourceful. Let them know you are available for assistance and hints but not answering right away. This skill will pay out and help them later in life.

Praising children's success can help them be more independent

Praising your kids after doing something well has an impact on them. You can even see it on their faces. Who doesn't like to get praised and complimented, anyway? If they drop or spill something or draw on the walls, you shouldn't yell at them and try to explain that they shouldn't repeat that. Also, when they do something good, you should praise and motivate them to keep going. Praising the kids will give them inspiration and motivation to try harder. The feeling when you praise them will make them feel good and proud of themselves. So, try to cut down the screaming and increase compliments. 

Establish some routines for your children

Why is it important to instill habits at a young age?

A well-planned routine is helpful for both adults and children. It can help you be more responsible, organized, and obliged. It can help your kids a lot later in life. They should implant some habits and routines at a young age. For example:

  • brushing the teeth

  • breakfast

  • school

  • lunch

  • homework

  • resting 

  • getting ready for bed. 

Having routines will help them be more independent, especially when it's time they move out and start living alone. They should be able to cook, clean, and do everything without any help from their parents. Moving out of your old home can be stressful, but it is a great way to test your independence. The experts at Ample Moving advise getting professional help from a moving company. They can help you transport your belongings to your new address and start your new life in a new home.
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The importance of saving money

Saving money isn't something parents tend to teach their children. They think kids are too immature to save money and give them allowance depending on how much they should spend. If you want to make it fun for them, try using a piggy bank or a saving jar. You can teach them the importance of saving by putting away a dollar or two every week. Decide when to break the piggy bank and buy something for them. They will be happy that they can afford to buy something they like and want to save the money again for something else. They will grow a habit of saving money rather than spending it on unnecessary things. Your children will be handling finances better and learning to be independent about money.

Give them freedom

And watch them grow up happy and healthy

Freedom is essential for kids. They need time to play, hang out with friends, and relax. Giving them space and freedom will make your children much happier. They need to learn to make some choices and handle obligations. On the other hand, they should have time for hobbies and friends. Their free time is precious if they use it well. Try teaching them to use their spare time for outdoor activities and not for scrolling and playing games on their phones. They need to get used to sports and walks and to eat healthily. If they learn this still young, they will be healthier and more successful later in life.
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Life priorities

Last but not least is life priorities. They need to know what is important to them and set their goals for the future when they are old and mature enough. If you want your children to be independent, you should teach them all of the previously mentioned. That implies priorities. That can be hard to understand if they aren't mature enough. The sooner they learn, the better. One day, they will probably move to college and live alone, which requires responsibility. Some parents don't let their kids live alone because they don't think that children can, so they move with them. If you are one of them, you should include them in the process of packing and try making it fun for them. There are many things to take care of, but they could help you pack.

Final comment: 

Children need time to grow up and be more mature and responsible. Parents are the ones who need to teach them responsibility and independence. It can be a hard time, especially if they are going through puberty. Lucky for you, we have prepared seven tips to teach your kids to be more independent. It should help you to learn a better approach to raising and educating your kids. There will be more situations that will require them to be independent and not rely on their parents. So, it's never too early for them to learn to do things alone.

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