Friday 3 March 2023

February Recap And March Goals

This month came up fast and I am glad winter is finally coming to an end soon. We have had such a roller coaster of weather from snow to rain and everything in between. I was able to complete some of my main goals for 2023 in February which was nice, beginning to pay off debt and save more for our home down payment so that was great! I was able to put more towards debt this month by cancelling subscriptions to channels we never watch anymore and cutting back on our take out for the month. We are still working hard to find more great ways to cut back this year and really build up our house fund! 

Read this great piece on how to save money in 2023!

We made an effort the get out of the house and do something fun with family and friends a few times so that was also a great achievement in February. We did some target shooting, had a fire in the backyard and enjoyed some social connections. We also went to Energyplex in Kelowna which was amazing. To see pics of our adventure check out our Instagram, we love to visit local attractions and share our experience. 

Energyplex is like an arcade, play centre, bar, and laser tag place all in one. We paid around $200 for 4 play cards that are good for the rock climbing, play zone, arcade, sky track, ball zone and more! It was a great deal since we were there for nearly 4 hours. 

There is so much to do there it was great until my youngest had a meltdown. I am still getting used to the fact that he is unique in his autism journey. When he gets too wound up, excited or upset he can shut down and begin crying and being irrational. Taking the time to come down from a meltdown can be a challenge and it can really out a damper on the activities at hand, but with a little patience and understanding he can be swayed to relax, breath, and take a minute to get his feelings in order. We are still learning the best way to navigate his little life and make things easier for him and everyone who loves and cares for him. 

March I would really like to pay down more debt, pay off something big like a cell phone or credit card and then celebrate our achievement! I will be doing more surveys to earn cash and points so that we have more of a flexible budget this month to do fun stuff and have some treats. My daughter is turning 13 this month so I will come up with some unique ways to celebrate her coming into the teen years and post what I create to give you some great frugal party ideas for teenagers! 

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