Thursday 2 March 2023

How We Save Money On Pet Supplies & Care

Having pets is such a great way to add some joy and passion to your life. It is so fulfilling to share your days and nights with a creature that loves you unconditionally and is so freaking cute! We have a cat named Beans and two ferrets named Sugar & Bandit and we are always looking for ways to improve the quality of their lives without costing a fortune. We have found quite a few great ways to save money on having pets and creating a great life for them. 

1. Make homemade treats and toys!

Making toys is so easy when you get creative. Our cat loves strings and ribbons and our ferrets love boxes and anything they can chase around the house. We let our pets play together with large boxes and tie strings to small stuffed toys, balls of fabric, and even ribbons and bows from presents. 

2. Exchange pet sitting with like minded people!

Make friends with people who have pets and offer to switch pet sitting and care with them. Boarding can cost a fortune and sometimes it is very hard to find a facility so exchanging pets sitting with others is a great way to cut costs. 

3. Sign up for coupons and deals!

Sign up for pet emails and newsletters from all your favourite brands of pet accessories. Sometimes they will send out coupons or inform you of new products or deals to help keep your costs down with treats, toys, and other important items. 

4. Always look for second hand!

Try shopping at thrift stores and listings online for larger items that people no longer need. You can save a small fortune by scooping up something second hand rather than buying it brand new. Just ensure you clean and sanitize it well to avoid any type of germs being spread from the previous pet. Buy toys and accessories on clearance after each holiday and soon you will have a great stash of themed items! 

5. Keep your pet healthy! 

Make sure you take the time to play and exercise your pets regularly to keep them fit and healthy. Always ensure you keep their grooming under control as well as having matted fur and nails that are too long can actually hurt them and cause damage that could cost you a lot in the end. Brushing their teeth or feeding them special treats that keep their dental hygiene under control is very important as well. Your pet deserves a high quality of life so keep them fit and they will be happy for years to come. 

6. Save money for emergencies! 

Put a little extra aside every month in a special account just for pet emergencies. You may need to see a vet and they can cost a lot of money just for a simple checkup and prescription. Pet insurance can be good too but make sure you read all the fine print and don’t end up paying into something that isn’t going to cover you when problems arise. 

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