Thursday 2 March 2023

Manhattan Toy Company Tree Top Adventure Activity Centre

We are always looking for new and engaging toys for the kids at our daycare. Keeping them busy, entertained and learning new skills is the most important part of the whole day. Hands on adventuring is what we strive for at Little Duck Family Child Care and incorporating montessori toys that are strong enough to withstand the wrath of toddlers is the best option! 

I decided to start getting rid of some of our smaller toys that just wind up creating a big mess everywhere and exchanging them for bigger, stronger and more interactive wooden toys. The Manhattan Toy Company makes some very sturdy toys so we decided to give them a go. 

Assembly was super easy all I had to do was build the wooden pieces like a 3D puzzle and then secure them into place using 4 screws and a small screwdriver that was included in the packaging. 

The colours are bright, the animals are super cute and the parts seem very safe and secure for the little ones. I found my tree top activity centre on Amazon for $143, a decent amount for a toy but it should last for years and keep the kids entertained for hours. 

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