Friday 31 March 2023

The Best Gift Ideas For Kids Under 12

Shopping for little ones can be so hard, most of them are into a certain TV show for a couple weeks and then change their minds right away. They are also growing so rapidly it’s hard to keep up with their changing brains and bodies. So that beautiful new Paw Patrol set you got them might only interest them for a short while, and those shoes you thought were just so cute may only fit for a month and be of no use anymore. 

Try to get kids gifts that will never go out of style or stop fitting them. Gifts that keep giving for years to come are some of the most memorable, useful, and practical ways to spend your gifting budget. 

Take a look at the Kidamento Camera for instance. This adorable instant print camera is built tough for even the toughest little boys and girls. The photos come out in excellent quality and the kids don’t have to wait to get them developed! 

The photos are printed on high quality paper and come in rolls of 60 which is a fantastic deal for that amount of photos! Get the 5 pack of photo paper refills for only $20, that’s 300 pictures! 

There are a few different designs to choose from as well so your budding photographer can have a choice in what style camera they want to snap pics with. 

They have a plump panda model.

There is a cute cat!

A cute little bear.

And even a sly fox.

Kids go nuts for photos of their favourite things and the people they love so what better then to give a gift of an instant camera. 

They are having a huge spring sale right now so you can save around 40% on your purchase and shipping is quick and convenient. 

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