Tuesday 28 March 2023

Ways To Save Money On Easter This Year

It’s no surprise that everyone is trying to spend less right now with the crazy costs of inflation, high rent and mortgage payments, and recovering from COVID losses. Each month there is something we need to spend extra funds on no matter how hard we are trying to save, if you have kids your going to spend some money. I have found a few of the best ways to save money on making Easter special for your kids without going into debt. 

Shop the dollar store.

Dollar stores have cheap candy, bath stuff, tooth brushes, bath bones and other bathroom amenities, and so much more. Fill a cheap bucket or reusable bag with some bathroom goodies they will actually use and some of their favourite snacks and you are golden! 

I through this great frugal Easter party for my kids and their friends for under $50 shopping at the dollar store!

Look for free events.

Every community puts on something for Easter no matter how big or small so look around and find a free event to attend. You can usually find an egg hunt, Easter bunny visit, park play day and maybe even a parade if you look hard enough. 

Shop second hand.

Nobody says your child has to have the whole candy and toy aisle at Walmart to be happy. Find some gently used toys from the second hand store or trade a close friend to save on gently loved items. You can find lots of amazing trinkets and even brand new items at second hand stores if you take the time to look. 

I found two of my favourite Easter decorations at a thrift store for just a couple dollars and I have had them for nearly ten years.

Save for next year.

I do this with every holiday, I save baskets, wrapping paper, decorations, small toys, and other holiday items for the next year to cut down on how much I have to spend each year. I have a pretty decent collection for every holiday and I just store them for the following year. I even have cards from Valentine’s Day that I saved for cutting up and using to make new collage cards with my daycare kids. 

DIY Easter decorations & crafts.

Making Easter crafts and treats with your kids is one of the best ways you can spend the holidays! Take the time to laugh together and make something new and creative. You can usually find everything you need to start creating in your home already. While your waiting for your crafts to dry and your treats to bake play a board game together, put together a puzzle and don’t forget to take pictures! 

Teach the kids to appreciate what they have.

Take your kids out for a day of free fun like a walk and an adventure at the park. Remind them how lucky they are to have a home, family, nice toys, and people who love them. Take the time to connect and engage with one another and appreciate the time you get to spend together. Invite your family over for dinner and you can even make it a potluck if funds are really tight. Spending time together is what the holidays are all about! 

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