Thursday 23 March 2023

What are Eye Troughs and What Can You Do about them?

We often prefer to put a number behind everything that we can, but real life seldom follows our rules. Therefore, the signs of aging do not show up on our skin at any specific, universally applicable age. However, eye troughs should be treated separately and not just as another sign of aging skin. This is largely due to the fact that tear troughs are not uncommon even among early teens! Whether you are a young adult, a 30-year-old, or a senior, stay with us as we explain what eye troughs are exactly and what you can do to get rid of them.

Tear Troughs: The Ageless Sign of Aging

Anatomically, we all have tear troughs as they are the two grooves that sit just below the two eyes. Therefore, those grooves are nothing abnormal and they are very much a part of the human anatomical design by default. They become a problem when the skin and tissue covering your two undereye troughs darken, fade, wrinkle, form lines, puff up, or sag significantly enough for the two grooves to become prominently visible.

Provided that the individual is old enough, prominent tear troughs can simply be cited as a prominent, yet perfectly natural sign of their age. Consequently, that means when someone much younger develops prominent undereye troughs, those are also considered to be prominent and perfectly natural signs of their age!

What Can You Do about Them?

Whether it’s an actual sign of aging or a genetic trait, you can easily get rid of them with tear trough fillers. Tear trough surgery is also an option if you want a more lasting solution, but that’s not recommended unless the tear trough fillers fail to get the job done. In comparison to tear trough surgery, tear trough filing is a safer, minimally invasive procedure with injectables rich in amino acids and hyaluronic acid.

How Long Do Tear Trough Fillers Last?

The results vary depending on several factors such as severity, size, age, ethnicity, genetics, and the eye trough filler injected, among other things. Nevertheless, two to three sessions, followed by just one session per year, is generally enough to keep those undereye troughs looking and feeling supple.

Should You be Worried about Your Tear Troughs?

It’s an inherited trait in most people who develop visible undereye troughs from a young age. As a genetic trait, prominent tear troughs are not indicative of any underlying illnesses. The undereye shadows are no more than just a cosmetic inconvenience which may make you look older and tired all the time.

If it’s not an inherited trait and you believe that you are not old enough to have eye shadows yet, visit a physician. Note that unless there is a medical condition accompanying your prominent undereye grooves that a physician has linked together, prominent undereye troughs are not to be considered a cause for serious concern. Even temporary sleep loss can be the reason behind your temporarily visible tear troughs.

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