Tuesday 4 April 2023

5 Tips for Lowering Your Home's Energy Bills

Living off the grid is an excellent solution for many people as the concept helps with saving money on energy as a long-term investment. Unfortunately, not all homes can afford the setup of a completely off-the-grid home, and using energy sources in summer and winter can rake up the costs. Let's review five easy ways you can start saving on energy and, as a result, save money.

1. Make a Few Lifestyles Tweaks

A few changes in how you do things on a day-to-day basis can help you with your saving money on electricity goals. For instance, instead of powering on the clothes dryer, you can rather hang the washing on the washing line to dry in the sun. Turn off your swimming pool pump when the pool is not in use, especially during wintertime.

2. Plant Trees That Cast Shadow

Planting trees in your yard that are big enough to give shade is a good way to generate a cooling temperature during summer. In this way, you may not always have to reach for the AC remote. Speaking of gardening, as for irrigation, this too can be set on a timer to go on at set times and not for hours on end. You can time it for a few minutes at different times!

3. Invest in Window Tint

Did you know that approximately 30% of a home's heating energy is lost through its windows? Plus, upgrading your windows can save you between 7% and 15% on your monthly energy bill! Getting a good window tint for the windows at home is a good start to cutting those energy bills and helping you with your goal of saving money.

Window tint can block approximately up to 90% of the UV that would enter your home without it. It has a cooling effect that is brilliant in the summer months. As a bonus benefit, window tint also reduces glare, making your home office even better to work in if you have a large window. While it reduces the UV, it still allows light in, but you can enjoy it without the heat.

4. Invest in Energy Efficient Appliance

Energy smart appliances are available everywhere, and they help drastically reduce the use of electricity. In the old days, electric kitchen equipment, electronics, and other appliances heavily relied on large amounts of power to work. But not anymore, and for a good reason. Households can save even up to 30% of energy with ENERGY STAR-certified equipment. That being said, you can also upgrade to a certified HVAC system that will inevitably save you money in the summer.

5. Make Your Home Smart For the Weather

Securing your home for all weather types is important to your success in saving money on energy bills. You can weatherproof your home by adding things like insulation and fixing problems like leaky faucets that not only could cause mold if the leaks went too far into the cabinets. A faucet that leaks at the rate of one drip per second can waste over 3,000 gallons per year, so having them fixed will help keep water utilities in order, too.

Being savvy with your home and adapting it for every changing season is a good way to save money on your energy and lots more utilities. It may initially seem expensive when you make some of these changes in your home, but for your long-term return on interest, you can be certain these changes are going to count for something.

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