Monday 17 April 2023

How We Started Helping Our Cat Lose Weight

Our cat is pretty overweight, she is a big mooch and it’s really hard to say no to her. She loves to eat everything we eat, and I mean everything. Beans is her name and she is an adorable Tortoiseshell cat with a whole lot of personality. We love to feature her on our Instagram as she has become a very popular girl. 

Sadly fat cats are not healthy cats, she is having a tough time cleaning herself, breathing, and generally getting around the house. I want her to live a long happy life because I love her so much and she is so sweet. We started getting her in shape and feeding her properly so she loses some weight, here are the steps we took and how it is going so far.

We stopped giving her so much human food.

Beans loves people food so much! I know it’s not good for her so we are cutting it right back and getting her down to nothing but cat treats and healthy stuff like chicken and beef.  She is still going to get a few small morsels every once in a while but we definitely cut back to help her on her diet. 

We started a diet food.

Beans was eating just basic adult cat food that has a decent amount of protein so we switched her to a food that has less protein in it so she feels she is still eating a lot but really it’s not as filling or fat producing. 

We play with her everyday.

I made a point to start a schedule with her after work for the kids and I to play with her each and everyday after work to get her heart pumping even if she’s just at home. We also bring the ferrets out to play with her and get her going as well. We got a great air purifier to help keep the animal dander and smell down with all our pets, take a look at the best air purifier for pets post.

Started taking her on adventures.

Currently we have been taking her for short walks in the field next to our house but she is definitely going to need other accessories to encourage her to want to be out and about. We got her a cat harness and leash to explore safely but when she gets tired I just carry her and snuggle her to ensure she is happy and feels secure. We want to enhance our pets lives any way we can!

As we learn more and get her healthier we will be taking her out on further adventures and sharing our experience, we go through lots of new products everyday and love to share our experience so you know what is the best or isn’t great for your fur baby as well!

Follow Beans adventures on Instagram & Pinterest as she grows and becomes the wild and wacky fur child we know and love! 

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