Wednesday 19 April 2023

Is Temu worth shopping from?

I have to admit I have been slightly skeptical of so many different online shops and sites that have found their way onto my Facebook page. You see so many ads that just seem too hard to believe or like they may be trying to scam you in some way. I’m sure plenty of them are scams and it’s really hard to know which sites to trust and which ones you should stay far, far away from. 

However with that being said I have seen hundreds of ads for Temu and I was wondering if I should take a shot at it. I looked around the web and searched for legit reviews, website certifications and trustworthy background information. It seemed like we were barking up the right tree and all seemed very legit. 

So I placed a small order of just household type things since clothing can be a struggle for some companies to get right when the prices are so low. Start with products that can’t disappoint you and everything should work out just fine. 

I ordered adorable wall decals, a hanging crystal decoration, and a few diamond paintings. 

Everything arrived within two weeks of ordering and came straight to the door. I ordered 7 items altogether and it was less than $50. The prices on the site are fantastic and they have millions of items to choose from. 

I absolutely love my wall decals and so does my baby Beans! They were easy to apply, came in a sturdy material that won’t peel the paint off and look so cute on my walls. 

Each kitty is sitting or laying with a plant of some kind and is a cartoon style that suits our personalities well. I will definitely be buying more wall decals from Temu as they are better quality than others I have bought in the past.

Temu makes it very easy to order and pay just like any other e commerce site. They give you the promise of your package is late you get a $5 credit instantly. I like how they offer to ship quickly or make up for it, I can see the holidays becoming quite swamped so order early if you can. Online shopping can be a very quick and easy way to get stuff done but with a site like this with so much to offer it may be best to get ahead of the holidays. 

I absolutely love the diamond paintings I chose and I can’t wait to start them this weekend with my friends. We are always looking for fun and inexpensive activities to do together when we aren’t camping, hunting, fishing, or hiking. 

Diamond paintings are these neat canvases that have adhesive on them, you apply small round sequins to each individual colour like a paint by numbers and complete the picture. These are lots of fun if you enjoy stuff like puzzles and art. 

So it is with great happiness I say yes order from Temu! Temu is a legit business that sells all kinds of great products for everyone. They have cool games you can play too if you want to try and earn some discounts on cool products. 

Enjoy shopping at this great new online store and I hope you find some great items for everyone you love. 

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