Monday 10 April 2023

Mydoh The Best Allowance Card & App For Kids

I have been using MyDoh for six months now for my kids spending and allowance and it has been an amazing experience, well worth the price of the monthly payment to use the app. 

Getting my kids to help around the house is nearly impossible unless they have a decent incentive, I like to use this as a preparation for the future when they need to work for what they want in life. It’s a challenge they are always willing to jump into if they are going to get paid to do it. I like to encourage them to use their app and learn a new skill each week in the “play” section. 

You can assign chores to your children to earn their own money and you can track where they spend it as well. You choose when they get paid, what tasks they need to do and you can lock their card if it ever gets lost. 

I love the fact that I can see their spending and the app gives them all kinds of cool educational tools to teach them about money and how to stay financially responsible. 

Mydoh Smart Cash Card helps kids take responsibility for their spending. And, because it’s a reloadable prepaid card (not a credit card), there’s little risk of overspending. Your kids can use it to make purchases online by adding it to their wallet app on their phone. They love the fact that it is just like a credit card and has the option for tap and go. 

With ‘Savings Goals’, kids can save up for things they have their eyes on. They can either save for specific things with a target amount and date or just save for the future.

My kids are learning to be financially fit using Mydoh and I thought you’d want in on this! We can both earn when you use my code: AMANDA7366 

Join Mydoh and you can get a $10 reward. 

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