Wednesday 12 April 2023

The Best Indoor Toys For Daycare Spaces - Tested In Our Daycare

We are always asked on different forums and pages what toys are the best toys to keep kids busy, teach them a little something, and stick around for years to come without breaking constantly. I have been doing daycare for over 10 years now and have realized that there are toys that are not worth the money and some that absolutely belong in a daycare setting! 

Here is a list of our favourites and why we love them so much! 

Little People are strong, durable and safe as well as the perfect size for tiny hands. They can imagine every kind of scenario under the sun with all the different accessories and houses they come in. We have a school, busses, houses, castles, farms, and much more. They love each and every one and use them every day.

These tough little kitchens and play structures will last for decades if you take care of them. We have had our kitchen for years and it has been passed down from other family members before us so it is a sturdy structure that lasts and is safe when anchored to the wall for those little ones that like to climb. Our little car is one of the best items I could have got for the kids they love it right from a year old until they are 5 or 6 years old. 

Music tables are always a great idea as kids learn so much just making tunes of their own. These tables are sturdy and can have the legs removed for babies who aren’t quite standing yet. Kids of all ages enjoy the music table and it will last for years if it doesn’t get wet. 

Every single day the kids will use carts and strollers to pretend to be parents and go shopping. They love being able to load them up and push and pull them around the house. There are sturdy ones and flimsy ones so use your best judgement when buying one. Don’t forget to grab a few dolls  and some pretend food as well. 

Activity tables and simple wooden toys are a great addition to any daycare space. Learning to count and open and close things is a great way to build on life skills and sensory. We love our activity table and our Lovevery set we got in the last year. 

This activity table is such an amazing addition and can allow four kids to play at once. It is perfect in size for my little centre as well since it is just a little tree. 

Mega Bloks  are an excellent way to encourage building and they are actually required in daycares that hold a license around here. We are required to have building blocks or building toys of some kind to encourage hand eye coordination and brain growth of all kinds. Mega Bloks are our favourite because they are easy to clean up, good for all ages and don’t end up lost all over the floor. 

Magnets are definitely a great way to encourage building and STEM in small children. Kids love building with different shapes and colours. These magnets can create some very cool creations and include a book of instructions to use and build with. They can be dangerous for little guys under 3 if your not careful, they should never chew on them as the magnets can be swallowed if broken out. 

These are our main toys that we have had in our daycare in the last 10 years and they have been tested by multiple different kids to ensure they meet standards of picky toddlers. Include a few backpacks and some craft supplies and you have everything you need for hours of fun! 

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