Thursday 25 May 2023

Scared Unicorn & Angry Unicorn Board Book Review

Board books are the only ones I will allow my daycare kids to handle on their own and these ones are pretty adorable. 

I love teaching them about their emotions and seeing how they can be managed by little unicorns makes it more relatable for sure. 

The only thing I didn’t like about these books is that kids are super destructive and rip the flaps off quite easily. Other than that, the stories were cute, so were the pictures. They were nice and short making it a great read for my daycare kids. 

This adorable book, the third book in the 
First Feelings series from Clever, is the perfect way to introduce children to emotions. Toddlers can lift the flaps to see some things that make Unicorn feel scared, such as going to the doctor, a dark bedroom at night, a thunderstorm, and more. Children are invited to talk about what makes them scared, too, and some things they can do to handle a situation in which they feel scared.

This adorable book, the fourth in the First Feelings series from Clever, is the perfect way to introduce children to emotionsToddlers can lift the flaps to see some things that make Unicorn and her friends feel angry, such as Bear taking Unicorn's favorite sand toy; Alligator watching his tall block tower fall down; and Frog getting his kite string tangled up. Children are invited to talk about what makes them angry, too, and some things they can do to help calm themselves down when they feel angry.

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