Monday 12 June 2023

Water Pressure Regulator Replacement DIY

My husband and I are huge believers in fixing things ourselves if we can. The best way to find out if you can is to watch some YouTube videos and go from there. Our pipes have been squealing at us for a while, we had a shower head regulator burst and a hot water tank go within the last 5 years so we needed to figure out what was going on. 

I bought a water pressure meter off Amazon for $20 and tested our water on the outdoor tap. It was ridiculously high! 130psi when the regular level should be at a max of 75psi. So there is the problem! 

Now we had to go in the crawl space and see where the main water shut off for the whole house is. It is right under the kitchen but down in the creepiest area of the house. The crawl space is dirt and just filled with spiders and webs and the smell is awful. We found the main and the water pressure regulator right next to it pretty much. This is an old house so it’s very corroded and probably should have been replaced over 10 years ago. 

We turned off all the water to the house and then had the kids open the taps and turn on the showers to drain any access water in the pipes. Grab a bucket because there will be water trapped inside the pipes not much but enough to make a mess. 

We had a hard time removing it at first just due to corrosion and the old Teflon tape holding it on. But we used some liquid wrench penetrating oil let it soak for a while and got it loose. 

Took the old part to the store and found a similar one but had to buy a bushing to fit in one end to create the 1/2 inch entry that we required to replace the part. 

Regaled that new piece with Teflon and screwed it on! Bam done just like that! We saved over $700 by doing this job by ourselves and now our home won’t have any unexpected leaks, blowouts, or squeals from the pipes! Also if you’re using too much water pressure you are wasting water and costing yourself a lot of money, might as well get a meter for $20 and test your pressure! 

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