Tuesday 15 August 2023

Our Trip To Splashdown Waterslides In Vernon BC

We absolutely love to get out and enjoy local attractions and have some good old family fun! We used to have waterslides here in West Kelowna but they took them down and put apartment buildings there instead! It is very sad that our home town is no longer a family oriented community but a place for retired folks and now is becoming so expensive that families would rather move away than be house poor. 

There are still a few fun activities to enjoy in West Kelowna & Kelowna and we try to budget for fun as often as possible without spending too much. 

To get out and have fun we usually have to travel quite a distance unless we want to hit the lake and beach, go hiking, or fishing. We drove almost an hour to get to Splashdown Waterslides in Vernon and it was a blast! We took 7 people and it cost $260, that is a fairly decent price for hours of fun. The food at the concession was pretty expensive but delicious, they have burgers, hotdogs, fries, poutine, corn dogs, and drinks of all kinds. 

They built 3 new slides which were absolutely amazing! There are multiple slides to enjoy and the earlier you go the shorter the lines are, but if you go later it doesn’t cost as much. The tube ride is one of my favourites for sure and I could honestly sit there and do that one over and over again. 

Every once in a while you sustain a small injury but I have been raising my kids to be strong and unless they are seriously injured they dust themselves off and keep on trucking. This way of behaving will really help them to become resilient later in life and enhance their personalities! Taking risks and having fun open the world up for more experiences and opportunities to grow. Learn how to raise resilient kids that people love to be around! 

I’m not sure why the kids zone play space is still closed off but they normally have a large play area for you to explore with your kids. This time it was still unavailable so maybe they are updating it and going to open it next year. 

We always try to bring snacks and drinks to cut costs, but when you smell that hot greasy food you definitely want a big serving of fries to share! 

If you plan on taking a trip to Vernon anytime soon I highly recommend taking a trip to Splashdown! My kids had such an amazing time as they do every year, it’s something they will remember forever! 

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