Tuesday 3 October 2023

7 Easy Ways to Make Your Garden Child-Friendly

Yes, any kid will love spending most of their time outdoors. From running around to playing with their toys, kids can think of multiple outdoor activities. In such conditions, if you have a well-prepared garden, they could spend the entire evening there. 

No matter how small or huge the size of your home garden might be, you can make it child-friendly with some simple steps. 

Here are seven easy ways to transform your ordinary garden into a child-friendly place. These steps are suitable for every household and kids of every age. 

Focus on Creating a Sensory Experience  

Parents should make their garden a sensory experience for their kids. Since children have inquisitive minds, they wish to explore and learn. You could use this habit to create an ideal garden for them. 

Put bright-colored flowers to help them understand the difference between colors. Similarly, adding different grasses could help in developing their smelling sense.  

According to professionals working at Garden Center Gainesville VA, “By creating a beautiful outdoor garden, you and your kids enjoy even more.” So start beautifying your outdoor space today. 

Install Pathways 

Pathways can make a garden more child-friendly. Kids love cycling around, and when they have a clear pathway at home, they won't need to go anywhere.  

Parents won't have to restrict their kids, and they can enjoy cycling at any hour. To make it more interesting for your children, opt for a pattern-based pathway.  

You can add a pathway in the middle of the garden or dedicate a corner for it. There are several possibilities. Just make sure the option is according to your kid's age. 

Create a Play Area 

The most attractive thing for your kids will be a full-fledged area with swings and slides. No kid can say no to it. They might never want to leave the space. 

Dedicate an entire corner to your kid's play area. Install toys, and small rides, or create a sandpit for your children. Honestly, nothing is more exciting for kids than a fully functional play area. 

A child-friendly garden is incomplete without a play area so don't forget to plan for it. 

Give Your Kids a Space to Grow Things on Their Own

A child-friendly garden should prioritize safety and, most importantly, enjoyment for your kids. Encourage them to play and cultivate their own plants, fostering a deeper connection to the garden. Allocate a dedicated plot of land where they can embark on their gardening projects, whether it's growing fruits, vegetables, or any other plants.

This not only boosts their confidence in accomplishing tasks independently but also provides valuable lessons about nature. As they witness the results of their hard work, they'll experience a sense of pride and happiness. If you're concerned about their safety, you can initially supervise their activities.

Consider incorporating a wildlife-watching area within this space, where they can observe insects interacting with plants from a safe distance, without posing any threats.

Make Your Garden Ideal for Every Season 

If you create a garden only for the summer season, it won't be children-friendly. Make a garden that is enjoyable in every season, especially in the winter.  

Try creating a tunnel or a greenhouse, where your kids could grow plants through the entire season. The garden could also have a covered area or a shed to protect kids from the rainy weather. 

The more suitable your garden is for each season, the more child-friendly it is. 

Avoid Toxic Plants 

There is no harm in keeping all kinds of plants in your garden, but a few choices are not suitable when you have kids. No matter how beautiful or colorful a plant might be, it could be toxic or a threat to your children. If you want your garden to be friendly for your kids, make sure you keep no such plants in the vicinity. 

Thus, check the labels on each plant you opt to keep in your garden. Research on a plant's benefits and drawbacks. Some plants have sharp needles and should be kept in a corner where your kids can't reach them. 

In addition to keeping dangerous plants far away, keep all the gardening chemicals locked. Whether you use insecticides or fertilizers, lock them in a storage unit. When kept out in the open, your kids might touch them and get hurt. 

Avoid Too Many Water Features 

Another way to make your garden child-friendly is by reducing the number of water features. You might want a fountain or a small pond in your garden, but these could be harmful. 

Children could fall and drown in a pond or hit their heads against a fountain. You won't be at rest with these water features in your garden and will need to keep a watch on your kid. 

These features also attract various birds and insects, and kids having curious minds end up doing something dangerous. So, the safer you make a garden, the more child-friendly it will be. 

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