Friday 20 October 2023

9 Tips for a Frugal Christmas

This year, more people than ever are looking for ways to save money, and many families are worried about Christmas and other significant, costly events. The good news is, while Christmas can be expensive, it certainly doesn’t have to be. Most people find that by being frugal and cutting unnecessary expenses, they can embrace the magic of the season and enjoy time with their family and other things that matter. Here are nine tips to help you enjoy a frugal Christmas. 
Get Organised

One of the best ways to save money at Christmas is to get organised. Planning ahead by making a budget, writing shopping lists, and thinking carefully about what you need to buy helps you to avoid stress (which can lead to poor decisions and buying without thought) and gives you time to shop around and spread the costs. More time and better planning can also make homemade gifts and decorations a more realistic prospect. 

Head to Charity Shops

Charity shops are a fantastic way to save money while giving back to charity and helping the environment by reducing waste. You can often find great bargains, and charity shops are perfect for things like books and jigsaws, which don’t need to be brand-new to enjoy.

Make Gifts

Homemade gifts are a fantastic way to save money and show people you care. Edible homemade gifts like cookies, cakes and chocolates are excellent. Jewellery with supplies from The Bead Traders can be beautiful and thoughtful, and even more minor things like bookmarks can be lovely. If you have any crafting or baking skills, put them to use to make fantastic gifts your friends and family will love. 

Make Agreements with Friends and Family

A gift amnesty is a great way to avoid overspending, but make sure you speak to family and friends early, so they won’t have started shopping. Agree to not buy gifts, to only buy for children, or to only spend set amounts of money. This way, everyone knows where they stand, and no one will feel left out or hurt. 

Make Decorations

Gifts and food aren’t the only things that cost money. If you need new decorations or fancy a change, instead of rushing out and spending a fortune, why not try making your own? Get the kids to help with tree decorations and paperchains and have a go at your festive wreath.

Make Travel Plans Early

If you travel to see friends or family over the holidays, book tickets early to save money. 

Be Strict with Yourself

Setting a budget and writing lists is a great start, but make sure you are constantly checking in with them and sticking to your plans once you have started shopping. 


Regifting is often frowned upon, but it avoids waste and helps you save money while ensuring the gift finds a home with someone who appreciates it. 

Keep it Simple

It’s easy to get carried away with Christmas. Remember, you don’t have to attend every event and buy everything you’ve seen. Keep things simple and enjoy the simple pleasures like a Christmas movie on the sofa instead of seeing the same film at the cinema. 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed at this time of the year. But Christmas shouldn’t be about expensive gifts, buying as much food and drink as possible and attending every event. It should be about time with the people that you love. For many, the years when they spend the least are the Christmases they remember the most. 

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