Tuesday 10 October 2023

Cute DIY Key Holder

I have been slacking on the crafting lately and I have decided to kick it up a notch and try to make at least 2 items a week whether it’s for friends, family or myself. Being creative is just part of who I am so it’s time to enjoy my passion and share it with others! 

I love unique gifts that are useful and make people laugh so I thought this key holder was an excellent idea! 

I used my Cricut app to create the image I wanted and then purchased the wooden sign from Dollarama. I found the little white hooks at my local Walmart and bought an abundance for crafting. 

Here is the image I used, feel free to copy and save it for your own craft project. 

I used some purple vinyl and began to measure what size would fit best by placing the wooden sign on the Cricut mat and taking note of where it fit perfectly. 

Set the Cricut to peel and stick vinyl and cut. 

I then cut weeded out all the pieces I didn’t need using my Cricut tools. Applied the transfer tape to the vinyl and rubbed it into place. 

Used the transfer tape to place the image and pressed it into place using the Cricut push tool. 

Screw in the hooks to where you want them and bam the project is complete! 

I am very excited to start making gifts and fun projects for my home again using my Cricut machine

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