Wednesday 11 October 2023

DIY Stash Jar - The Best way To Keep Marijuana Fresh

I have plenty of social smoker friends in my group of peeps and I am always looking for ways to make them gifts and cool creations with my Cricut machine or resin pours. I have made rolling trays, marijuana leaf skull decor, candles, and much more. This week I made a very cool stash jar for a friend of mine.

Having a stash jar is such a great way to keep your favourite buds fresh and full of life until you are ready to use it. The best way to keep your marijuana fresh is to keep it in an air tight container that doesn’t allow any sunlight to penetrate it. 

Black glass jars are one of the best ways to keep your weed fresh and it keeps it out of sight as well if you have kids or other peeping eyes around. 

So let’s make a marijuana stash jar! 

I used these basic images on my Cricut app and measured the space I needed using the jar and my Cricut mat. 

Using permanent white vinyl and my wonderful Cricut tools I weeded out the image and slapped it on using transfer tape. 

I found that the transfer tape I buy from Dollarama (it’s actually contact paper) is way stronger than the Cricut transfer paper. Sorry Cricut your transfer paper sucks. 

Once I transferred the image I pressed it firmly using the push tool by Cricut and cleaned the jar using a piece of paper towel and a squirt of glass cleaner!

Poof! Now that is a very cute gift for a stoner friend! I am very excited to find more unique projects like this to make for holiday gifts and birthdays! 

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