Wednesday 18 October 2023

The Field Of Screams Vernon BC

We all love the feeling of being surprised and scared it gets your heart racing and outs some excitement in your life. The most exciting part of being scared is not knowing what’s coming or what to expect. This is why we chose to do the Field Of Screams in Vernon BC this year. My kids love to be scared and surprised and enjoy watching horror movies as well so I figured this was a great way for them to get scared and enjoy an activity! 

So what were the best parts of the Field Of Screams?

The best part was how amazing the actors were! The actors that popped out and scared you did an amazing job. 

The mazes were lots of fun to figure out and you did get lost and confused because it was pitch black and very loud and foggy.

The food trucks were a great feature as well!

The bathrooms were well kept and mostly clean!

The staff was well organized and buying tickets was easy as well as getting through all 4 mazes. 

There is a lot of parking, I suggest bring a backpack with water bottles and snacks. 

What were the down sides of the Field Of Screams? 

I certainly wish they would put a cap on how many tickets they sell for each time. There were hundreds of people and it was so crowded it was hard for my youngest to stay so he did one maze and left with his dad.

The prices are pretty steep for a walk in a corn maze. If they sold less tickets per time frame to control the crowd it would be worth it. We paid $50 per person to do all 4 mazes. 

The speakers at the entry to the maze were pointed directly at you as well making it insanely loud before you even enter, I would point them away from the crowd next time and into the mazes or turn them down on the ones pointed at line ups. 

The path where the lines were had zero lighting which made it tough to take photos. I would invest in some solar lights to mark the pathways next year and get a few solar torch lights so people could see properly while lining up. 

The VIP pass seems unnecessary. It’s $75 to get access to a faster lineup where people get in the mazes quicker than others but if they simply kept tickets limited every night to control the crowd it would not be needed. 

Have you done the Field Of Screams in Vernon? Do you think my ideas make sense? 

If you haven’t gone yet it is definitely worth it to take the trip, they do a great job and provide a wonderfully scary experience! Buy tickets here!

Here is a bit of information about the Field Of Screams for you:

Field of Screams has become the ultimate haunted destination for adrenaline seekers and horror enthusiasts. This year, we're taking fear to a whole new level with the following hair-raising maze themes:

Maze One: Game of Screams. Enter the nightmarish world of your favourite video game horrors, featuring iconic titles like Resident Evil, The Last of Us, Silent Hill, Slenderman, and Five Nights at Freddy's. Beware as the virtual terror comes to life with every step you take through this maze's dark and twisted passages.

Maze Two: Phobia Frenzy. Face your deepest fears and phobias, where claustrophobia, arachnophobia and more await your arrival! Can you conquer your anxieties and escape the grips of terror within?

Maze Three: House of Sins. Embark on a harrowing journey through the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins, where each room represents one of humanity's darkest vices. Will you dare to wander through the treacherous chambers, confronting the malevolent spirits lurking within?

Maze Four: Scarecrow’s Revenge. Venture into the eerie world of “Scarecrow”, a maze filled with enigmatic, motionless scarecrows and relentless ones that come to life, hunting their prey with unwavering determination. Will you outsmart the Scarecrows and find your way out, or will you be forever lost in their menacing fields?

All four mazes have sets and actors. Please arrive at least a half hour before the time stated on your ticket. 

More answers can be found at the following link

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