Monday 6 November 2023

Amazing Books For Readers On Your Gifting Lists

I absolutely love to give books as gifts! It is such a wonderful way to try and encourage reading and art within young people. Reading has become a less than popular pastime this day and age with all the video games and technology available to everyone. So any chance we can give books and take the time to encourage reading we need to do it.

There is going to be all kinds of gift guides out there that contain lists of cool new toys and tech that just got released but I think we need to steer clear of that. These adorable books are perfect for anytime of year but if you are looking for gift ideas for little ones this holiday season this might make it easier. Take a look at these adorable titles by Clever Publishing:

It’s fall, and Hedgehog notices that the air is cooler, and that the leaves are turning from green to red, orange, and yellow. He sees Badger, Squirrel, and Mouse carrying food and wonders where they’re going with it. He can’t find his friend Frog, who’s hiding at the bottom of the pond for the winter. Then he sees Crane and Heron, who are flying south toward warmer weather, and his bugfriends tell him that they’re hiding underground for the winter. Even Bear has already gone into his den to sleep. But there are some animals who haven’t gone away, too—Hedgehog sees Fox, Hare, Beaver and the cardinals. Hedgehog learns that each animal has its own way of taking care during the winter—and soon, it’s time for Hedgehog to go home and take his winter nap, too! Includes sweet, detailed illustrations that are full of humorous details; fun facts about fall; and a fun activity.

Children can discover fun activities that can be done during each of the four seasons in this fun and educational activity book! Filled with mazescoloring pagesfind thedifferences, and so much more, Clever’s All Seasons Activity Book is the perfect introduction to the seasons. From rain and rainbows in spring, to sandcastles in summerfalling leaves in fall, and playing in the snow in winter, this activity book keeps children entertained while engaged in learning. Includes fun facts about the seasons throughout.

The love between grandparents and their grandchildrenis the sweet topic of this book, which celebrates the individuality and special bond that an adorable giraffe, elephant, rhinoceros each have with their grandmother and grandfather. When Little Rhinoceros wants to play outside but it’s raining, Grandma finds a way to make the day better; Grandpa Elephant is there to offer good advice to Little Elephant when others tease him. Features simple, accessible text with situations relatable to toddlers and young children.

These great books are the perfect addition to your home, daycare, or school! 

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