Thursday 23 November 2023

We Finally Tried Freeze Dried Candy!

We have all seen the bags of freeze dried candies at the store and wondered what all the fuss was about! Well I finally broke down and decided I needed to give it a shot and see why it is so popular. This stuff is absolutely wild! 

So first off what is freeze dried candy? 

Freeze-dried candy is regular candy that has been through a freeze-drying process which removes the moisture by first freezing it then placing the candy into a strong vacuum which sublimates the ice into vapor. Just like what would happen in space!

What do they use to make it freeze dried? They use a special freeze drying machine that you can buy for yourself if you want to start your own freeze dried adventure. 

These machines are going to cost you so make sure this is a home business you have time for. Most of them are priced from $2500 and up depending on the size, style, and brand. With a home freeze dryer, you can freeze dry everything from garden produce to medicinal herbs to store for later use. These freeze dried items can last for years, making great emergency food supplies and more.

So what did we try when we had sampled the freeze dried candy? Well there are so many options but I have an obsession with cotton candy so I had to get the cotton candy salt water taffy bombs. The first bite is always the biggest surprise, it is like a puff of flavour and melts in your mouth. It doesn’t stick to your teeth so it is safe for people with braces or dentures. 

There are so many options and the best and most fairly priced freeze dried candy in the Okanagan is made by Pooff Freeze Dried Treats

Jacklyn is the owner of Pooff Freeze Dried Treats. She sells all different kinds of goodies and they are the most affordable ones I have found. She is very quick when you order, super helpful, and is a local small business so it’s nice to keep the support in the community rather than a large corporation!

She also makes other goodies if she has the time so take a minute to ask her some questions and she will let you know what she can do for you. I always order her homemade marshmallows in cotton candy flavour and they are absolutely amazing! Check out her page on Facebook and start experimenting with some freeze dried goodies or shopping for Christmas gifts! 

You can find Jacklyn at local markets and craft fairs in the Okanagan to see what’s available and if you want to place an order but aren’t sure of what to get just send her a message on Facebook and she will let you know what is in stock. Prices range from $6 - $12 depending on the product and size and if you buy multiples you get a discount!  

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