Friday 15 December 2023

6 Career Opportunities for LA Moms

As children grow more independent and head off to school each day, moms can find themselves with extra time to focus on career goals. Whether you’ve stepped back from work while raising young kids or have been juggling motherhood and career, this new phase offers exciting possibilities. Here are six rewarding career paths for moms looking to jumpstart their ambitions.

1. Teaching Assistant or Substitute Teacher

If you love working with children, consider putting your parenting experience to use in the classroom. Teacher’s assistants and substitute teachers are in high demand, with flexible schedules that neatly align with school hours. You’ll likely find openings at the same schools your children attend, allowing you to coordinate extracurricular activities and transportation. These roles allow you to impart your knowledge to young minds without the intensive lesson planning or grading required of full-time teachers.

2. Work-From-Home Customer Service Representative

Thanks to advancing technologies, customer service roles are increasingly transitioning to remote positions, ideal for moms desiring flexibility. With options spanning industries like healthcare, insurance, travel and retail, you can select an area that fits your background and interests. Once the kids are off to school, the house is quiet enough to handle incoming calls and emails. Training is usually provided for those new to the field, and many companies enable you to have a say in your hours. 

3. Real Estate Agent

If you’re knowledgeable about local communities from years of living and raising a family there, try your hand at real estate. Attend classes to earn your license, then leverage personal connections to generate leads. Show homes when it suits your schedule, even bringing your kids along at times to share your enthusiasm for different neighborhoods. While it takes work to build a client base, real estate allows entrepreneurial moms to chart their own path.

4. Freelance Writer or Editor

Moms often sharpen multiple skills while parenting, including expert-level writing and editing talents. With minimal financial investment, you can start freelancing from a home office, caf├ęs or coworking spaces while children attend school. Reach out to local publications, companies and nonprofits to pitch your services covering topics you specialize in. Create content for blogs, manage companies’ social media accounts or copyedit materials. This can steadily grow into a full-time career.  

5. Bookkeeper

If you have a head for numbers, provide bookkeeping services to local businesses. This is another career that allows moms to capitalize on skills honed while budgeting for a household. Offer services like payroll, invoicing, expense tracking and financial statements. You’ll enjoy the mental stimulation of number crunching while having flexibility to be available for your kids. With some courses in accounting fundamentals, you can build expertise to take on more clients over time.

6. Therapist

Therapy and counselling is a good career path for empathetic people, which moms usually are. If you have experienced your fair share of family drama and relationship ups and downs, a career as a marriage and family therapist career could be perfect for you. 

The shift to having kids at school for much of the day opens up a wealth of chances for moms to reinvent their careers on their own terms. With a little strategic planning during this season of change, you can find professional fulfillment while still having time to treasure these precious years as your children grow.

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