Monday 11 December 2023

Best Christmas Party Games to Play with Family

We absolutely love to have fun and play games with friends and family and these days we need it more than ever. I have been trying to reconnect and socialize more to help my mental state and improve my family dynamic. The best part about family game nights is the love, laughter and memories we all get to share together rather than only speaking to one another on birthdays, weddings, and funerals. 

We all need to make a better effort to be in each others lives and even if you are antisocial or introverted there are so many benefits to getting out and having fun with other people. Take a crack at these great family games this year and discover how much fun it is to play together and make some memories. 

1. Guess The Number Of Candies

Place a jar of individually wrapped candies that you have counted onto a spot for display. Let people guess how many candies are in the jar, let them write down their guess and name on a piece of paper and place it in a box, the winner can get the jar of candies or a prize of some kind. 

2. Christmas Wrapping Race

Choose small boxes around the same size and have your guests wrap them as quickly as they can. The winner can be the first person to pick a Christmas gift if they are staying for Christmas morning. Or they can have a small prize of some kind. If you are having multiple games you could start a tally chart for the winners of all the games and at the end of all the games you can decide the winner for the whole night. This person gets bragging rights at family functions until the next time a winner is announced. 

3. Scavenger Hunt

Christmas scavenger hunts are always a great idea. Give all your guests a list of holiday items to find around the house and see how long it takes everyone to find each one. This is a great way to keep the kids busy if you are waiting to serve dinner or open gifts.

4. Freeze Dance

Freeze dance is another great way to keep the kids busy and having a good time. Find a holiday playlist with lots of upbeat music and let the kids dance the night away. Be ready with a camera for great big smiles and lots of laughter.

5. Gingerbread House Competition

Cookie houses can be quite the challenge to build so split everyone up into teams and let them build and decorate their own gingerbread houses. The most creative, most festive, and silliest houses can be announced as the winners. 

6. Candy Cane Relay

Get everyone either outside or into a large open area and start lining them up a decent space apart. Using a candy cane rather than a baton begin your relay race by passing the candy cane to the next person until a team wins. 

7. White Elephant or Secret Santa

Have the guests bring a small gift for around $20 wrapped up and kept a secret. You can have everyone draw names from a hat to get that gift brought by the person they drew out of the hat or you could play the game where you keep, trade, or steal until everyone has a gift. 

8. Snowman Building Competition

If you have snow around you can get super creative and start a snowman building competition in the yard. Give everyone an assortment of small items to decorate their snowmen. The winner can be the tallest, best looking, or most creative snow person. 

9. Lump Of Coal Plastic Wrap Game

This one is pretty wild and is bound to create some serious laughter. You wrap up a bunch of different gifts in layers of plastic wrap and have everyone sit in a circle and begin unwrapping. Each person gets 10-20 seconds to unwrap in the hopes of getting a gift, when their time is up they pass it to the person next to the to try and unwrap something and so on until it is all unwrapped. See full instructions here at Play Party Plan

10. Marshmallow Toss

Line up solo cups or mugs of any kind and have your guests toss marshmallows into the cups. This game is pretty much a game of beer pong for all ages. 

What other games do you like to play at Christmas parties? Have you tried all of these ones? We also like to setup photo booths when we have get togethers, we enjoy taking silly photos together with different style props and backgrounds. 

Here are some free printables for your holiday fun! 

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