Friday 29 December 2023

Great Winter Books For Kids To Stay Sharp Over The Holidays

We are always looking for new book ideas for our daycare. We go through so many different books throughout the year it can be a challenge to find new ones that get the kids excited and eager to read. Clever Publishing has got to be one of the best producers of great quality, engaging, and unique children’s titles. They have some of the best stories and activity books we have ever had the opportunity to review!

Clever Publishing makes books in every niche but the children section is definitely our favourite. This winter we had the opportunity to check out these great titles and I have to say we had an amazing time reading and learning together. 

Heroes Don’t Have To Fly

Not all heroes fly and this is a lesson that sticks with us for life. A hero is anyone that can help others, make others happy, or be there when you need them. Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and walks of life. This book shines a light on this subject through some adorable birds and a story of heroics. 

Scooter the bird has always wanted to fly around and use words to help others just like his favorite author, Wendell. The only problem is that he can’t fly, so he uses a scooter. Bully bird Squawk teases him and the other birds. “Are you even a bird?” Squawk says meanly to Scooter. And Scooter knows how much words can hurt, so he takes some advice from Wendell’s book and decides to stand up to Squawk and help his friends—by using positive words! One day when Scooter finds himself in a dangerous situation, to his surprise it’s Squawk who offers words that help him. Knowing the power of positive words, Scooter makes a friendly offer to Squawk that hopefully will get Squawk to change his bullying ways.

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Hedgehogs Home For Winter

The little ones love the bright illustrations of animals throughout the entire book. This series is definitely one of our favourites as we can have a new one for every season and there is so much educational information throughout.

Winter has descended upon Hedgehog's forest home! As he prepares his home for the chilly season, Hedgehog wonders: How does everyone else spend the season? Join Hedgehog on this colorful, brightly-illustrated journey as he visits all of his forest animal friends to make sure they're prepared for the long months ahead! Kids will love learning:

  • All about winter and how it's different from the other seasons.
  • How various animals prepare for the winter - from underwater animals to birds, mammals, and more!
  • About hibernationgathering food, and so much more in an approachable and easy-to-understand way.

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Snowy Mazes

Kids love to do mazes! Whether they are working on complex ones that create a challenge or simple ones they can complete in a couple tries they are always equally excited to finally reach the end. Mazes help teach them problem solving, patience, and persistence. Why do you think they have them on every colouring placemat in every restaurant you take your child to? Clever makes maze books for all seasons and if you are running a preschool or daycare like me you can get a copy for every child to complete or buy a copy and scan each page in multiples to use for years to come! 

Children will love to complete the 30 fun puzzles in this book! Search for festive treats, figure out which gift belongs to which child, help Santa Claus find his way through the maze, and more. Young readers will be transported to a wintry world and explore a variety of fun activities, including guiding Mouse through the maze to get to the tasty cupcake; collecting Frog’s Christmas presents; leading Cat through the maze to collect the tools he needs to make a snowman; finding a path for the penguin to ski through the maze; and much more!

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Take a look at all the amazing titles available through Clever Publishing and keep the written word alive and well for generations to come! We loved their fall titles, they were such a great choice for our daycare.

We also love their board books for younger kids too! 

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