Monday 4 December 2023

High Protein Snacks For Teens

We have 3 kids in our house and they are constantly eating. Our oldest is 15 and over 6 feet tall and all they care about in his group of friends is working out and gaining weight. This can be challenging to keep into consideration when packing lunches and making meals while prices are so high. 

So what do we feed our eating machines all week long while staying on budget? 

Protein shakes & smoothies!

Our BlendJet blender has to be the best blender we have ever used for this purpose! It’s small enough so each child can make a custom smoothie or shake and it blends so quickly and efficiently we are done making them within 10 minutes from start to finish for 3 kids. 

We get protein powder that’s on sale and add milk, fruit, and yogurt to make it more like a meal! Bananas are an excellent choice, as well as strawberries. I can easily sneak in an entire avocado as well without anyone noticing or complaining about the taste or texture. 

We also like adding vanilla protein powder to our milkshakes at night for dessert and that is such a great way to pack some punch into a treat! Our youngest is slightly underweight so giving him protein at night when his meds are no longer working is a great way to help him maintain and gain. 

Tuna & Eggs

Obviously not together but we definitely eat a lot of tuna and a lot of eggs! Eggs are great as they can be made at any time of the day. Tuna sandwiches in our lunches are always a great choice to get through the day with added energy and filling calories. 

Nut Butters

Peanut butter is such a great staple and we use a lot of it. Just slapping it on crackers, celery, or apple slices is a great way to have a healthy snack that holds them over for a while. You can even make protein packed peanut butter by adding a scoop of chocolate protein powder to a cup of peanut butter and blending it in your BlendJet blender to create a whipped dip! 

Nuts are always a great filling snack, so eating them by the bag is a huge help if you can. 

Protein powders in other foods where you can add it is always a great idea for those trying to bulk up and feel full. I have added it to baking, pancakes, chocolate milk, hot chocolate and so much more using our BlendJet blender. Helping your child gain weight and stay healthy doesn’t have to cost a fortune and by buying a home gym you can cut the costs of working out as well. 

We got our son his own weight bench and workout equipment last year for the holidays and he is beginning to grow and maintain a muscular build without hitting the gym everyday. 

Take the time to look for great holiday deals and sales and get your equipment and protein powders for super cheap. 

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