Friday 1 December 2023

Top 5 Ways To Be Happier About Your Life

As we look at the world we live in today there is a lot of struggle, suffering, loss, and general unhappiness Many people are having a hard time paying their bills, keeping a job that they are happy at, and struggling to raise children in a technology obsessed world! 

Would you like to take the steps to be happier, feel more in control, and have a grateful heart and mind? Take these next steps to improve your wellbeing and help others do the same! 

Use The WellStream App!

Technology can be so beneficial if we use it the right way. There are so many positive steps to take to ensure your technology use is making a difference in your life and others.

The WellStream app can help you take the time to manage your wellbeing. Take shirt quizzes to find out how you are doing mentally and what you can do to improve or maintain that state of mind. 

Take a minute and find out why thousands of people are using apps like WellStream to help them get through everyday life. 

Take a Technology Break

Taking a break from your phone, computer, or video games can help your brain reset and recharge. There can be lots of negativity on the internet and sometimes it can create negative thoughts and feelings that don’t help us feel very good. Take a day each week where you leave your phone on silent, stay off your computer for a while and say no to video games. 

You will feel refreshed with a technology detox. 

Talk To Loved Ones

Take a minute to talk to someone you love. Whether you write a letter, Christmas card, or send a simple text to see how they are and what they are up to, the reconnection can help you feel more involved and the social connect will help you combat loneliness. 

Try to get face to face time doing something fun and you can really bring back the love and happiness that comes from lifelong relationships.

Treat Yourself To Self Care

Taking the time to get your hair done, take a long bath, or get some much needed hiking in with nature can help your mental state substantially. Feeling good starts with how you treat yourself and this is a luxury you can’t ignore. We all need to be taken care of to feel comfortable and enjoy life, and start treating yourself and your family to self care

Getting a spa treatment or salon visit might not be in the budget right now so if you can do something small for yourself just by getting some exercise and eating right you will feel better. 

Do A Good Deed

Doing something nice for someone else can make you not only feel like a better person but it will actually make you a better person. Doing random acts of kindness can help to create wellness all around and this can be such a great way to combat the negative effects of the world. 

Even if it something as small as shovelling snow for a neighbour or buying the stranger behind you a coffee in the drive thru. This pay it forward movement will create a snowball of happiness and well being that can be life changing. 

You never know what someone else might be dealing with so be kind, be helpful, and spread wellness and joy!  

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