Thursday 25 January 2024

6 Tips for Planning Your Spring Wedding Under Budget

If you're planning a spring wedding, there are many decisions and arrangements that will need to be made. One pressing concern when planning a wedding is the wedding budget. After all, statistics show the average wedding budget for just the ceremony and reception will total more than $28,000. So, it may be helpful to consider some of these ways to save money:

1. Begin With a Budget

To plan how much to spend on each item on the wedding checklist, it's essential to begin with knowing how much money you have available. List everything you'd like to include at the wedding and compare that to your financial resources. Once you see the disparity between those two totals, you'll need to prioritize which of the listed items is most essential for you. Face the list with an open mind, and be prepared to change or adjust the listed items as time draws closer to the wedding.

2. Rely on Your Relatives

If your available funds are less than the total of your wedding wishes, your family may be able to help. Some of your family members could be talented photographers, makeup artists, or entertainers. If so, those family members may be persuaded to donate or to deeply discount their services. If you still need assistance, you could suggest family members take financial responsibility for one of the wedding checklist items in place of a wedding gift.

3. Verify Your Venue

One of the most significant wedding expenses is often the wedding venue. Believe it or not, there are some free or low-cost wedding venues that you can consider. If you have a nice big backyard, you might consider a backyard wedding. Many college alumni may be able to use event spaces at their colleges cost-free. If you're marrying in a church, you can ask the church if they have a low-cost or free gathering space that can be used for the reception.

4. Bring the Bouquet

Flowers can seem like a must-have for a wedding because their beauty goes with the spirit of the occasion. You may be interested that, according to Love to Know, flower arrangements like modern wedding flower arrangements were used in England as early as the 19th century. If you have a family member with a great garden, fresh flower bouquets at a wedding can be charming. If you insist on using a florist, insiders report that seasonal flowers usually have lower prices.

5. Avoid Serving Alcohol

Serving alcohol at a wedding isn't a must, and eliminating a bar and bartender at your wedding will save you a significant amount of money. You can use non-alcoholic champagne for a wedding toast if you like, but alcohol isn't a requirement. You can plan an alcohol-free wedding, which can be an enjoyable experience. It will also eliminate any connection your wedding may have to drunk driving on that night. After all, according to the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, records show over 27,000 arrests for DUIs just in the state of Washington in 2019.

6. Decide on a Dress

Depending on where you shop for a wedding dress, the cost can significantly dent the wedding budget. According to Lings Moment, buying a new wedding dress can cost an average of $1800. However, you may be able to find lower-cost dresses at a second-hand store. As another alternative, you could consider renting a wedding dress.

As your wedding approaches, other items will emerge on your wedding checklist. Do an online search to find ideas on how to save money on your wedding plans. If you use creativity and keep an open mind, you can save money. This will allow you to reserve most of your wedding funds for the most important items on the list.

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