Friday 16 February 2024

Breathe Fun into Your Company Culture by Renting Amusement Park Rides

Company culture is a valuable tool for attracting and retaining talent. Creative perks and initiatives can help differentiate your workplace and foster collaboration. Why not move your next corporate event, anniversary celebration, team building day, or milestone recognition offsite to an amusement park or mobile carnival?

A Change of Scenery in a Stimulating Setting
Getting out of the daily office grind into an entertaining, theme park environment can have multiple benefits. Everyone enjoys a day of excitement and laughter. The amusement park setting combines thrills with opportunities for conversations and bonding over shared exhilarating experiences. Rides can facilitate friendly competition like racing to see which department gets the highest score in a laser tag arena or comparing reactions after a rollercoaster loop. There are photo ops galore to memorialize the occasion and generate lots of smiles every time someone runs across those images in the future.

Promotes Morale, Healthy Work Culture
Companies invest so much time, money, and resources into nurturing a positive work environment that facilitates productivity and innovation. So, an amusement park company outing recognizes employees' contributions in a meaningful way while serving as a touchpoint to reinforce corporate values and identity. It celebrates successes, offers a respite from daily responsibilities, and promotes work/life balance in a memorable setting.

Makes Milestones and Events More Impactful
Reward attendance milestones, work anniversaries, high performance, completed initiatives, retiring employees, etc. with exclusive amusement park access! It could be an entire buyout or a block of time to enjoy rides together. Getting to experience beloved childhood favorites again or discovering new adventures as a team can increase employee satisfaction while making whatever occasion you are marking more special and distinctive. It becomes easier to recognize years of commitment or applaud major contributions if there is a sense of delight and play accompanying the formal acknowledgments.

Rent Out a Traveling Carnival
If getting to an amusement park is not feasible, many companies specialize in bringing smaller rides and attractions like this rocket ship ride rental to your office or chosen venue through mobile rental services. These vendors provide everything from single rides like slides and interactive climbing obstacles to full-blown carnivals with Ferris wheels, carousels, and midway games. They handle set up, safety checks, supervision, and take down. You get all the fun at a convenient location without extensive planning.

Get Started Booking Your Company's Custom Event
Research options in your area, weigh costs versus available budget, and then pick elements that align with your goals for the occasion and workplace culture. Consider which rides best suit all ages and abilities across your employee demographic as well as duration for enjoying attractions at an unhurried pace. Most parks and rental companies offer detailed guidance while customizing group packages to meet your needs. Reach out for quotes and availability before solidifying dates to ensure the best experience.

It is surprisingly easy to organize if this idea resonates with your organization's ethos. The end result promises to be an unforgettable shared experience superior to typical holiday parties or picnics!

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