Tuesday 20 February 2024

The Best Way To Stay Energized Throughout Everyday

Staying energized is such a high priority for me since I am a working mom that runs a handful of businesses. Luckily to help improve my energy levels and health in general I received the opportunity to work with the amazing brand ActivatedYou and I have never felt better about a product collaboration. ActivatedYou sent me 3 free jars of their Morning Complete Daily Wellness Drink to try and rave about and I am definitely satisfied and feeling great. 

Each morning I start my day by getting my home ready for my daycare kids and my kids ready for their day at school. So while I’m cleaning and organizing I slam back a healthy cup of warm tea with my Morning Complete Drink Mix. I use the apple cinnamon flavour so I drink it inside herbal tea with the same flavour. I have also had it in my smoothies for additional nutritional boosts and it tastes amazing. I feel so great over the last few weeks that I can’t believe I haven’t been taking probiotics and prebiotics this whole time. My mornings can be so busy and my days last 11 to 15 hours depending on the day and what activities we have planned but I have the energy to get through it all now. 

The Morning Complete mix helps keep my guts healthy, my energy levels up, and my body feels like it is finally regulated and balanced. I have to admit I have never been a regular bathroom visitor so I feel weighed down with additional waste that makes me feel bloated, uncomfortable and sluggish. Now that I am taking Morning Complete I am becoming a regular waste management system that stays on schedule and feels energized. 

So what is ActivatedYou and what else do they offer to get your body feeling great and looking great? 

Activated you creates formulas to revolutionize health and improve lives. They make products for healthy skin, body, immunity, digestive tracks, and so much more. All around health really does start on the inside and they are diving head first into your wellbeing to make you and others the best they can be. 

I can’t wait to try their other products and get myself feeling like a superhero. As we get older we feel more like the extras behind the scenes struggling to keep it all together and look the part, now I have the drive to be the hero and save myself and my family from a life of uncomfortable irritations and less drive and energy to get out and enjoy life. 

I can now head out for long hikes even after a long 12 hour day at work and enjoy a splash at the pool afterwards instead of feeling tired and just wanting to lay down and go to bed. This is especially great during the winter months because it is so grey and gloomy it’s hard to want to get out and have fun. With my new prebiotics and all the additional extras the Morning Complete drink has to offer, I feel like winter has little effect on my mood and I am so happy to get moving and stay active. 

Take a look at what ActivatedYou has to offer and see how they can help you turn into a healthy more energized person.

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  1. Great tips! Eating well, moving regularly, and getting enough rest are the keys to staying energized every day. Simple and effective advice