Thursday 8 February 2024

Transform Your Pain into Power: Navigate Infidelity and Rediscover Yourself with Expert Guidance

You may already know that nearly 50 percent of all marriages in the US end in separation or divorce. Not all are caused by infidelity, of course, but that’s up there as one of the primary causes (or perhaps as the nail in the coffin of unhappiness).

The figures are sobering. An estimated 41 percent of first marriages, 60 percent of second marriages, and 73 percent of third marriages in the US end in divorce. In fact, there is a divorce in this country every 42 seconds—the time it likely took you to read this note so far! And these statistics don’t include all the couples living together without being married.

There is life after betrayal. Our traumas and trials may shape who we are, but we need not let them dictate who we can become. Infidelity is not just about the act. It’s about the hundreds of lies told to protect the act. Discover how to successfully navigate the aftermath of a breakup or divorce caused by sexual, emotional, or financial infidelity, or all three, through journaling prompts and helpful exercises designed to heal and empower you for the future.

The Courage to Walk Away: Move On after Infidelity by Mourning What You Lost, Identifying Your Relationship Needs, and Empowering Yourself for the Future [ISBN: 978-1-64604-558-7; $18.95; Ulysses Press; February 2024] is a new workbook to help you understand and heal from the infidelity and heartbreak that ended your relationship written by expert psychotherapist and relationship specialist Lisa Brateman, LCSW.

With unique exercises, strategies, activities, and vignettes, The Courage to Walk Away will be your guide to navigate what comes next after infidelity, including how to identify and reframe negative thoughts, understand your relationship patterns, become more aware of the triggers that cause you emotional distress, find your voice to change your own narrative, and understand how what you think about determines how you feel.

As a friend of a few people who have been victims of infidelity I can say that the effects are extreme especially when there are kids involved. The emotions are so high it can create stress, anger, and resentment and the kids are forced to make terrible decisions. This book has truly helped one of my best friends to work through the process of divorce and gain strength from her painful struggle. 

Pain passes and life goes on so be strong and work through it to become happy again. Treat it like a learning moment and take everything you gained from the relationship as a positive, for now you know more, felt more, and have experience with someone else. You discovered things that you can change and can now become a better person, a stronger partner, and a successful problem solver in your next relationship. If you are going through a divorce now this book can be a very useful tool and guide to help you through it all. Make a plan and keep moving forward! 

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