Monday 18 March 2024

How To Create A Petfluencer Page For Your Pet

We love to watch animals do silly things and be their naturally beautiful selves. The pet influencer market is growing everyday with people jumping on the thought of making money and getting free products. Our cat Beans has a pretty substantial part in our social media campaigns as people love her and love to see our creations. 

We make funny videos, informative reels, product reviews, and blog shares on our Instagram page and it is nearly at the 10K mark. So how did we get there without being famous already? 

Follow Trends

Follow the trending reels and popular videos and recreate your own versions. Follow pages that are trending to get ideas as to what you should plan. Follow your own path as well to incorporate what you like and enjoy. It’s not only about pleasing others and gaining likes and followers as this is your fur baby and now it’s up to you to create what makes you guys happy. 

Take Pictures Constantly

Keep your phone handy because pets are always doing weird things out of nowhere. You can’t plan perfect photo shoots all the time so just be ready to take a pic when your pet decides to be a goof ball. 

Be Funny & Honest

Maintain your humour and remember that not everybody is going to like and agree with you. I have lost hundreds of followers by posting my hunting pictures, my concrete creations and my personal views. I don’t care though I made this page for me and if you can’t enjoy it just keep scrolling. 

Have Fun

The more fun you have the better off your social media journey will be. Don’t get so serious about creating content that you forget to live and have a good time. Some of my favourite posts are ones I created just because I was having fun. These have grown to be popular and unpopular and in the end it doesn’t matter. I still make money doing what I do, I get lots of free products to review and have a beautiful page dedicated to my gorgeous cat. 

I love to make memories and social media posts with my jobs, my pets, my family, and my passions. Our instagram is completely dedicated to my life and I would have it no other way. Would you change your personality to gain followers? 

Check out our Instagram page and let us know what you think! 

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