Friday 22 March 2024

How We Do Easter On A Budget & Local Easter Events

Holidays can be so expensive when you have kids to shop for or large family events to host. When my kids were younger I went on a mission to find the easiest and most frugal options for Easter celebrations. These days my kids are old enough to understand that the holiday is meant to be spent with family and we shop after the candy goes in clearance the days after the holiday. They get a couple of Easter themed treats and I save a ton of money by not shopping before the holiday.

So how can you stay on a tight budget if you have smaller kids waiting to get a visit from the Easter bunny? 

Shop at Dollar Stores

We absolutely utilized the dollar store every year for our kids Easter treats. You can spend under $50 and fill a basket with treats and have some to hide around the house. 

Create DIY Easter Photos

We used to go to the mall and visit the Easter Bunny for a photo every year. It cost $20 and we had to wait in line forever to get our 5 minutes with the bunny. We stopped doing that and started going to the park for a photo or the dollar store and picked up some ears and took our own photos. Not only do we get multiple pics but we get a nice walk outside and we can do a scavenger hunt or play eye spy along the way. 

Dye eggs naturally

There are a ton of simple and natural ways to dye Easter eggs that don’t cost $10 for the kit. You can use vegetable scraps to create natural dyes. You can colour them with markers and crayons or even paint them. As long as the kids get to have fun and enjoy the tradition it doesn’t matter how it gets done.

Always keep your eggs refrigerated until you are ready to hide them and ensure you use them to create snacks like devilled eggs and sandwiches when you are finished egg hunting. 

Go to events

There are so many free events for kids around Easter. There are multiple egg hunts, parties, dinners at church’s and places like the Salvation Army if you have nobody around that you can attend. In the Okanagan we have lots of options for little ones to enjoy Easter and usually they are completely free. All you need to bring is a basket or bag for collecting eggs. 

Here is a list of a few of our local events:

Easter In The Vineyards - West Kelowna Grizzli Winery

Beacon & Friends Easter EGGstravaganza - West Kelowna

Easter Market at Priest Creek Winery - Kelowna

Community Egg Hunt @ Webber Road Elementary

Do potluck style meals

If you want to have family over but don’t have the extra funds to spend then ask everyone if they would mind doing a potluck. Food prices are so high right now it’s hard for anyone to create a large meal for a huge group. Asking everyone to bring a dish will help bring everyone together and keep costs low. 

We have been using these tips to stay on budget for Easter ever since our kids were born so I know they work and I know they will help you too! 

Happy Easter! 

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