Thursday 28 March 2024

Who Should You Hire if Your Teenage Driver Is Involved in a Car Accident?

Dealing with an automobile accident is devastating and disruptive, especially if it involves your own teenager. If you have a teen driver in the home, and they've recently been involved in a car accident in any capacity, you'll need to know who to call and who to turn to in your time of need. Here are some tips!

A Car Accident Attorney

In 2015 in the United States, it was estimated that approximately one-third of all 18,000 police departments in the country were utilizing body cameras during routine interactions with civilians. Anytime your teenage driver is involved in an auto accident, it's essential to call a local car accident attorney or law firm near you. Working with the right attorney can help you maintain your peace of mind while assisting you with the collection of evidence that may help exonerate your teen, depending on the situation you are in.

Retaining a car accident lawyer or attorney is always important whenever anyone you know is involved in a collision, regardless of who is at fault.
When you have a teenage driver in the home who has been involved in a car accident, your attorney will work to represent your teen while providing evidence to protect them as best as possible. Additionally, attorneys can often work with judges, local police departments, and even commercial businesses in the area regarding evidence and presenting your case. This will allow you more time to spend focusing on your family and your teen's recovery through the process.

A Defensive Driving Course Service

Approximately 61% of all deadly crashes occur in urban areas. Whenever you have a teenage driver in the home, it's highly recommended to enroll them in a local defensive driver course or program, depending on where you're located. This can also help if your teen has been involved in an accident, and you're attempting to build their character before a judge or even a jury.

A Doctor or Physical Therapist

It's estimated that approximately two million drivers who are involved in a car accident each year experience long-lasting or even permanent injuries. When your teenage driver is involved in an accident, it's essential to take them to a doctor for X-rays and a checkup or evaluation immediately. This will help with medical record documentation, which may be especially important if your teen has sustained serious injuries due to no fault of their own.

A Mental Health Counselor

After an accident, you may want to look into finding a suitable therapist who is optimal for your teen. Allowing your teen to see a local counselor can help them cope with the accident they were involved in, which can alleviate PTSD signs or symptoms that may be exacerbated whenever they're behind the wheel or inside a vehicle. Working with a therapist can also help your teenage driver feel much more comfortable once they're ready to get back out on the road again.

Taking care of your family is essential, especially after one of your own teens is involved in a car accident. Whether your teen is just learning to drive or if they were not the cause of the accident they were involved in, knowing who to hire is imperative to ensure a smooth process. When you know who you can turn to and trust when you're in a legal bind, you can rest assured knowing that you and your family are in the right hands.

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